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are these real!? where can i buy them.
i WILL get a fashion sense if i can grab these!!!!
<3 (insert emoji with hearts as eyes!)
JOURNAL with Lemony Snicket Quote - Never Trust Anyone Who Has Not Brought A Book
i always carry at least 2 or 3. 
so I'm really trustworthy!!! :D
Pink Door Palm Springs
this post reminds me why i love Kelly's blog!
and that blue dress!!!
i WANT!!!!

this post just happened!!
do you follow Rachel on Instagram?
she has these 2 adorable chihuahuas!
i LOVE them. those 2 are something else.
follow along with #thepoopies!
i still think they need their own post section over there just for them!
Salt Dispenser Jar //
what a smart way to store your salt! hmm!!!
Sister Style

I've been looking for a lace top just like this!!
i love it!

(not crazy about the f21 alternative!) 
Step by Step // How To Make Geometric Coasters
someone have a house party (and invite me) so i can gift you with these!!! :D
theres no picture for this but you have to watch it!
the beygency
people seriously act like this i swear!
How to Marble with Nail Polish      2
its one of those things you see on pinterest and you think HECK YEA it looks easy. 
then you try it and you hate life because of the mess you have left. 
but this looks like it could work. 

thanks for surfin' the interwebz with me!

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