Snapshot Sunday {132-138}

im starting to think, how have i not messed up my numbers. im sure i have!


back from vegas!
what an amazingly awesome weekend! 
i smiling from ear to ear!
lets get this started!
my mom got this chess/checkers/idk thing from her friend. 
my mom and tess were having a very intense game as you can tell. 
my new bag! i love it!
got it at my sisters forever 21. 
im currently at a phase in my life where i HATE big purses so i use the small makeup bag that my sister gave me (which she HATES that i use it for that!)  but because i usually carry like 5 different books with me its kind of a hassle (either way, in my big bag phase, i never used one that big!) so i got this bag to throw all my stuff in there and not hassle with anything! 
heck it even went with me to vegas! 
i cant wait to add pins and what not! :D
my brother got a belated birthday gift ($$$) so he decided to spoil me with a donut!!! <3
last week California reached 100 degrees and my room was an oven.
so of course i slept in the living room. my mom, when leaving to work, woke me up and told me to go to bed. 
as i walk in to my room, this is what i walk in to. 
mind you i was hella asleep still but i was like waaaitt!!! i HAD to take a picture. 
i found this so funny!!!!
100 degree weather in vegas is better than 100 degree weather in california. 
specially if there is a pool involved!!!!
love meeting new people! (:
see what i mean about the weather? 
even Chester who LOVES to sleep under the covers shaped to your body wasnt having it. 
isnt he the cutest thing EVER!????
drunk reading is the best. 
okay i wasnt drunk, i was buzzed!
ordering this book based solely on this (okay and a lot of the inside!) is even awesome-er!!!!
i cant wait to get it!!!
even sweeter!? 
getting it on amazon for $0.01 (tooo bad shipping was $3.99 but still!!! its a steal!!!) 

in other news...i was thisclosetogettingmydisneylandpassthisfriday buuuuuut i just read that disney bumped there ish up to $96 AND cancelled their so cal annual pass (parking also went up!) so basically im (pardon my french!) fucked! they said something along the lines that you can still renew your pass but mine expired in Oct so i might be screwed. dear disneyland, SUCK IT!!!!!!!! -love one less person that was willing to spend stupid amounts of $$$ at yo park. but lets keep it real; i was going to call tomorrow to follow up on that haha! i dont even care that they bumped it up to $96. im mad about the pass. 

o well thanks for making the decision hella easy for me disney!!!
you da best!

lets kick this weeks ass!!!!
its a 3 day weekend for me this upcoming weekend so haaayy!
maybe i should try planning a date night! (: 

thanks for reading!

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