Left Drowning by Jessica Park

published 2013
isbn: 9781477867150 (e book)
read: 7/18-22/2014 (well more like it was read to me)
i dont even know what nail polish color any more

member how i was freaking out because Amazon is awesome!
yea well i went along and got the free 30 day trial that exact same day after saying i was going to wait. 
if im being honest, the selection isnt that great :/  so i went with the staff top 25 pick or something like that. 
this was the first one whose cover caught my attention so i went for it. 

ive never heard of this author before nor did i look her up.  i saw this had good ratings so i went for it. 
bonus? it has the audio reader so i could listen to it while i worked. 
i want to hate this book but i cant. its a weird thing because its never happened before. 

this book is based on Blythe and her time at Matthews after a tragic accident that resulted in her parents death. it is also based on Chris and his 4 siblings. Chris and Blythe (i dont think ive ever heard that name before...i kinda like it.) have a stronger, deeper connection than both of them could have imagined. 

i like the audio option, i just wished they would have splurged (is that what you would call it?) and would have gotten a guy to do the guy voices because the chick doing the dude voices, well, it made me laugh. every time. 
another thing, i wouldn't necessarily use this book for a book club or read outloud with younger children around or basically anywhere you would be shy people knowing about the kind of stuff you're reading. 
reason being? its very pornographic at times. 
i think even more so than 50 shades of grey (in it own sense) (yes i read em. no i didn't buy em. pdf files! but im not even going to lie, i have no love life myself so i think its safe to say you can count me in on the valentines day premiere!)

lets get to the spoilers! 

The Neighbourhood {7/24/2014}

i love how shiny red my nail looks here!!! (: 

The Neighbourhood. 
holy smokes. 
to me, its rare when you can come across a band that blows you out of the water. meaning that they are as good live as they sound on record. 
these dudes sound better live than on record. i never thought id ever say that. 

ill tell you this, i knew the tickets were going on sale BUT i didn't buy any because i didn't have any one to go with. 
stupid, stupid STUPID decision. 
what i paid for these 2 off of stubhub i could have probably bought myself a hellavu lot closer seat but i wont beat myself up because a) i still went and b) i got to take my little cousin. 
this is her favorite band and whats even better, she didn't know she was going!!!
she knew her mom was going to drop me off at the venue and she knew i was going she just didn't know she'd be staying with me so once we got there she was in shock!! (: 

do yourself a favor, if you do like these dues (and if you don't whats wrong with you!?) catch them. catch them live. i know i say this about everyone I've seen basically but if you recall by far, Kimbra was my favorite. until now. 
these dudes, holy smokes! i wanted to drive to Oakland to see them the very next day! (a 6 hr drive by the way!)

any who, you know me by now, unless you're new (hi there! thanks for following! (: ), so you know i have a million and one pictures to share.
so please enjoy! (: 

also, while i wasn't far, i wasn't super close so i wasn't able to get the greatest of pictures. but i love em all still. so bear with me. 
plus my photoshop is currently down since my computer is on the fritz but that makes no difference because i still have no idea how the heck to use it! :D
 mandatory marquee shot!
and look panic at the disco! the concert i won tickets to that i exchanged! woohoo!
truthfully, because of parking, I'm not a huge fan of the Greek. other than that, its a great venue!
jump on over for more pics!



im  loving all these mantras im seeing on instagram. 
love love love. 
....but most of all love yourself because no one will love you like you  love yourself and im starting to learn that myself. 

without getting TOO personal, i got rid of some junk last night.
its amazing what one little action can do for ya. 
i saw something that bothered me and i decided then and there that i did not need that in my life. 
so rid of it i got. 
and let me tell you, i am in THEE greatest mood. 

i woke up late (maybe that has something to do with this great mood as well) went to school and registered for my classes...im on the wait list but at least im going back and im the 2nd / 3rd one so chances are good! (: 
im at work with a huge smile! im at work until 630 but that only puts a bigger smile on my face because after this i get to go for my run and it wont be in this ridiculous heat. 

life has been great without all that negativity and im loving the way i feel so why bother trying anymore with something that wasnt fitting in my life? 

change is inevitable (i love the way that words sounds!) and its scary but im choosing to embrace it. 
like they say...."sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." 

i can not wait! <3

like Kara Haupt said: 

"i have no interest in making someone want something they dont want, particularly when that thing is me and particularly when i am fucking amazing." 

i love her. 

have a great Tuesday!
i hope you're feeling even better than i am!
love you all!, 

Sunday Blues

Now I was sitting waiting wishing
You believed in superstitions
Then maybe you'd see the signs
But Lord knows that this world is cruel
And I ain't the Lord, no I'm just a fool
Learning loving somebody don't make them love you


Well if I was in your position
I'd put down all my ammunition
I'd wondered why'd it taken me so long
But Lord knows that I'm not you
And If I was I wouldn't be so cruel
Cause waiting on love ain't so easy to do

-Jack Johnson ♡

this & that

just found this blog and i can already tell im going to like it!
specially with DIY's like this!
im thinking maybe for my new room! :D
Easiest ever ice cream cake
my sister keeps telling me she wants an ice cream cake for her bday!
this seems like the right thing to make for her instead of buying it!!!
How to create bright and sharp photos with your iPhone (Tip 5)
good tips on iPhone photography. (#teamdroid!) after i read this article i went to my vsco app and fixed this picture from when i went to go see NFG. i was bummed because it was after the post that i used it. i could have used it to lighten all the other pictures. but oh well, you live and you learn.
thanks for the tips els!
also, they just released a new app for iphones. enjoy guys. le sigh. unfortunately, android will not be getting this. just like we didnt get the update on the abm app. oh well.  ill never go to the dark side. NEVER!
Watermelon Favors DIY | Oh Happy Day!
watermelon goodie bags!?
yes please!

i agree with these reading rules!!!
(except for the  'well loved book look well loved' i LOVE my books and i love a book with its spine all worn out (a well loved book means it was a good book) but for some odd reason i love to keep mine looking brand new.

i love EVERYTHING about this look!!
and those shoes!
great blog help.
i need to learn my stuff!
great stuff to do in beautiful LA! (:
Peach Iced Tea Popsicles
im loving all these Popsicle ideas!
specially this one
t-shirt dilemma. 
i know this might sound weird but i've had this problem too...forever 21 white tees can only go so far! :0

i know i was away for a while on this & that buuuut im back! (: \
thanks for linking with me!

Snapshot Sunday {202-208}

im starting to think that im off somewhere on the days. 
like i know when i hit the end of the year im for sure going to be off  or over by a few numbers. im calling it!
lets get a bet going !!!
i was scared that this week i wasnt going to have any pictures for SS because i've been on my camera but nope! no problem at all!
i still have a few more picture posts and im loving that i have something else to post about.  (: 

super random: yesterday before going to work i stopped by the market to buy a banana. a single banana. it sat on my desk for a while  which is odd considering i was super hungry
yea i know....what does that have to do with anything?
nothing at all. 

lets get started! :*

i signed up for a happy mail swap with Thuy and i got paired up with Danielle from NEW friggin ZEALAND!
how awesome is that!? 
i got really creative on her box. because she follows my blog (yay!!!) i will wait to write a post on what i sent her. 
i hope you like it D!
run away with your frame little dude!!!
also, you can barely tell, but my socks arent matching!
socks should NEVER match. 
the left one is a rainbow one and the right one is a white with black polka dots one!
BUT they are both from forever 21 so give me some credit! ;)
talk about a stash!!!
gota love it! 
this is my cousins stash! chick is crazy! 
also if you do use these ladies, i hope you know you DONT have to use both little packets. 
if you have short nails you can just use one packet for both of the same size nails. 
just be careful when filling the leftover sticker off so you have just enough for the other side. 
gota love her method of studying!
i have no idea what that is, what it does. i just know that if you ask me to spell it
id be like G L O (J.LO) M E R U L O (as is Jason Derulo!)
hey! whatever works!
saw this as i was leaving The Neighbourhood concert. 
who does this!? 
i mean its dead....i mean i understand the sentiment. but like what!? 
well, i was in a rich neighborhood so i guess it makes sense but WHAT!? 
im going to see Kimbra not once but TWICE!!!
what the what!??? whaaat!!!
i looove her!
i just pre-ordered her album and man! those 3 songs!!!
i can not wait!!!!
its safe to say, for me at least, that this is going to be a good one!
Love In High Places, for sure my favorite!!! 
and for $20 bucks how could i NOT go to both. i couldnt help it and i cant wait!

i had to twofer this one!
a) what a cutie patootie sleeping!!! this was Friday night. i got her all bundled up on pillows and i fell asleep on her tummy. i was super comfortable for once. 
i love that during summer she gets brownish and for winter she gets white white white. 
b) my sister was supposed to take her to the park to get her shots. she thought it was on Thursday but it turns out it was actually that very same Wednesday. now, i love my sister but sometimes, stupidity cant be explained! ._.
so shes leaves at like i dont know maybe 730? (we were having family dinner outside and i think the park stops doing the shots at 8) BUT she doesnt take chonch. she just goes to check it out. 
she comes back, gets her ready then takes off. she gets to the park at 805 so they wont take her in anymore. 
seriously people!!? 
anyways, stupidity cant be explained BUT everything does happen for a reason because she ended up taking chonch to SNPLA.
what she got at SNPLA for $46 she would have gotten at the park for $76. 
suck it South Gate Park!!!
so see, sometimes things happen for a reason!

lol now that i think about it i just told you this ENTIRE STORY just to let you know that dogs have awesome dog toys and that the reason chonch has this one is because my sister felt bad that she missed her shots at the park by a few minutes so she went to petco to buy her toys!
maybe that stupidity thing came back to bite me in the butt. 
touché life, touché!!!
 but also, if you live in the LA area you should definitely check out SNPLA. they're dope as heck. we took Jack and Chester to get neutered there and chonch is up next soon. 
no babies for her!
"just because you want to live a childless life doesnt mean you have to punish chonch too!" -my sister.
im a failure in her eyes because at 26 i have yet to have kids. 
...uhm no thanks. i cherish my sleep. 
the time will come. 
but not now! 

any who, thanks for reading!
lol im still laughing at that last picture! ._. well the story!
hope you had a great weekend!

gracias por leer!

Santa Monica date with And ♡

i bought tickets to the U R ART Festival not knowing what it was really about. 
i saw it said they had vendors and food trucks and art stuff going on as well as yoga and some dj's spinning (did i really just say that?) 
usually, im not one to venture out like that specially when i dont know what its about buuuut they were on sale so i thought whyyy not. 

well, that bit me in the ass. 
we showed up early because by now you know my being on time-ish fear.
first off the parking structure it stated we could park at; it was a taxi center office place.
i didn't see anything BUT taxis. i didn't feel comfortable leaving my car there. (leslie confessions #2387 i have a fear of leaving my car anywhere! weird i know! but i feel like if i cant get back to it i panic. like the one time there was NO WAY in to the downtown Disney lot. i had to break, enter and run and steal my own car!) so of course there was no way i was going to leave my car there.
turns out there was PLENTY of street parking.

we go inside aaaandd its only like 145 or something so we were super early even though the event started at 12.

man. this was the tiniest place ever!!!! (insert a million sad faces!)
i think it was the size of my house from font to back yard. (if not smaller and my house is not that big to begin with. nope. it was hella smaller!)
we bought water ($7 friggin bucks! in a cute tin can thing. its something i can reuse over and over so its a win win i guess) we go looking for the food trucks. theres only a vegan truck and a grilled cheese spot.

we walk away. the butt load of vendors? there were i think 6. IF at most.

i did however score some pretty sweet cat earrings for $6 so haaay!!! (similar here: i just got the cat outline though)
we left right away.
so its safe to say that i didn't get to do anything there. i didn't even see any dj's.
le sigh.
Andy was hungry so off to find food we went. 

adventure time.

parking in Santa Monica is free for 90 minutes. 
$1 the next hour and then $1 every 30 minutes after up to $14
Andy and i busted a mission and only paid 2 bucks for parking!
booyah! and of course i had to take pictures of where we parked.

we hit up Johnny Rockets because that was the only place that had a tolerable long line. 
is it me or did the burgers shrink? because i could have sworn they were way bigger in Vegas! 
either way, still yummy!!!

i don't think I've ever needed any 2 things more in my life than the genital hand sanitizer and booze tubes! lol
i LOVED that "fuck it lets dance" banner. i wanted to buy it so i could hang it up in my new room. but not for $14. not when making banners is my thing! no sir!

apparently Andy is terrified of this ride.    
pfft hes lucky i don't have my Disney pass and make him get on the one they have out there! i love that it swings!

view from the ride!!!

 he swears someone was whistling at him. 
that view! insert googly heart eyes emoji
 i love it!
 i love taking shots of me walking i don't know why!
blurry Andy. quite possibly the best!
lol just kidding and! <3
i love this dude!!! :*
me bombing his phone while shopping at forever!  im really getting in to this selfie thing!

i was full from eating at rockets but all i wanted was rocky road ice cream!
we headed home to rite aid and to my dismay they didn't have rocky road! i was so bummed. 
then the nice man opened the lid and i saw there was still some so i told him to scrape that ish! and he ended up giving me 3 (!) scoops. 
i always get black cherry and rocky road. 
this time i got an extra (and free) scoop of chocolate ice cream because he felt bad. 
i had a great date with Andy!

i love you and!!! <3

thanks for reading about my little date!
....and maybe me having a camera might make these posts a little longer....but its a-ok! (: 
have a great weekend! 

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