Snapshot Sunday {195 - 201}

whaaat!? 201 days!!!! the year is almost gone!!! 
i went to Michael's on Friday and i noticed they already have their Halloween stuff out! thats crazy! (i feel like its too soon but im excited because thats my favorite holiday even though i dont do anything!) 

we just got back from my cousins house in Adelanto (i believe...its like an hour and a half away in the mountains)....brianna & jorge are having baby #2! 
i personally dont know if i could move out there because it seems too quiet and not like out here but it was nice to see the stars out at night considering you dont get that out here in LA. 
like my uncle said, "you're used to the crowded area where you're at that you freak out when you have space!" so true. 
also, super random, i need a bike!
okay, i dont need but i do want. stan, you almost convinced me but it'll wait a little bit longer. 

lets get started with this week's pictures!

last weekend for the world cup we went to my godmother's house. while everyone was inside crying over the loss i was chillen in the pool drinking a beer. 
i was soooo burned and super sore the next two days but it was awesome!!!
this picture does it no justice but last week on Tuesday i believe, the moon looked ridiculously beautiful!!!!
it was sooo up close! it also happened after i got my camera but on the one day i DIDNT carry it with me! ._.
still it was amazingly beautiful!
made a banner for my friends baby! 
(and my cubicle wall at work lol) 
i LOVE this whole snail mail stuff!
i recently exchanged address with Carlee! im so excited for that one!!!
dinner with francs on Friday! 
man this hit the spot. 
whats even better? we hit up dtla for the Foster the People mural wall afterwards (and a bunch of other street art as well. post coming up!) 
so i went to Wendy's for lunch on Friday and got me a dollar chicken samich because i didn't want to be super full for afterwards and as i was driving through the drive thru there was a sign that said buy a dollar frosty key-chain and the picture had an actual frosty key-chain thing so i was like hell yea! turns out, its that little tag thingy and every time i go to Wendy's from now til the end of the year i can get a free frosty! woohoo! they're the super duper baby one. but still like i've said before you neva say no to free!!! 
eeek! i love stamps. but most importantly, the point of this picture is that i finally learned how to use the near and far focus feature on my phone!!!
i swear once a month i learn something new about my phone!


-and just because- 
i started running at the beach again!
i love it. i love the way it looks 
so beautiful. 

i LOVE drunk calls. 
i wont say who, but someone is currently on the phone drunk talking to me. 
its a joke. you know you are! i love it!
im already prepared for tomorrow's apology lol.

hope you had a great weekend.
(hi ceci!!!! :*) 
im going to bed ready for tomorrow's activities. Andy and i are going to U R ART festival! eeekk!!!

good night!
xoxo - 

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