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coming up on 14 years. 
amazing! <3
Scented Soy Candles DIY
i know what im giving the girls at work for xmas.
make your own candles!
Geometric Rainbow Garland | Oh Happy Day!
geometric garlands!
i loooove this!!!!
Ombre Bar Cart Makeover (after)
i love the transformation!
Celebrate! With this ten minute DIY cake idea.
i dont cook or bake at all but if i cant make this then i have failed as a woman!
i want to make this cute little cake! <3

this picture is amazing! <3 (insert googly heart eyes emoji here!)
4th of July Dynamite Garland DIY | Oh Happy Day!
aahhh!!! this is a cute diy / background prop for 4th of july!!!!
DIY Star Piñatas for July 4th
kelly is rocking it with these 4th of july themed pinatas!
i need me some fringe scissors!!!!
Emma Chapman and Trey George from A Beautiful Mess
another abm anniversary!
congrats on your first guys! <3

reasons why LA sucks (from a Londoners point of view so suck it!) although the section where they talk about "there are broken dreams everywhere you look" was pretty funny.
but thank you Joseph Gordon Levitt for defending it!

i need a nap.

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