Back to Turnbull it is! [:

as a resolution, i told myself i would hike every sunday of this year!
that lasted so long...but then i stopped and started running at the beach. 
then we hit 100+ degree weather here in California and while i would LOVE to be fit and all, doing it in extreme weather is not my thing. 
so that week that it was melting hot out here i stopped and it killed me. 
i dont know about you but for me if i have a routine going and then i screwed. its hard to get back in to it. 
today, i changed that!
i mean ive been back once or twice with my sister but not all the way to the top. 
today, i dragged my ass outa bed and made myself go!
and when some people would pass me by all i kept thinking was "this is not a race. take your time!" 
the few times i wanted to turn back get in my car and go home i said NO!!! and kept on truckin!
its tunrbull canyon. ive been here plenty of times before so its like meh for me to post pictures (because how often can i post the sorta same pictures ya know!) but why not!
the art on the water tower is always changing so haaay!!!
i call these women the "CBW2"
crazy bitches with weights. 
now, i do not mean bitches in a bad way. 
not at all whatsoever!!!!! 
i hope one day i can climb all these hills with weights on my back too!!
you go ladies!!!!
the second to last hill. i was dying!
and i kept thinking to myself jesus! then i saw that ray of light and i got a nice gust of wind and i was good to go!
thanks! ;)
sometimes you find little gems up here. 
i think the last picture i saw there was a huge hit saying "these hoes aint loyal!" haha. 
translation: "women in movement" 
when i saw this i thought of the "CBW2" above!
exactly how i felt when i got to the top. 
and all the shaded seating areas were taken.
le sigh. 
i hiked all of that (on the right. the left is where people go race. at night, at like 100 miles an hour. with no lights)  (: 
plus a lot more! woohooo! 
i have the galaxy s5!
i knew it has this pedometer thing (who doesn't? everyones seen the commercial!) but i just barely learned how to use it yesterday at work!
i misread it yesterday and thought 1000 steps? pffft i can do that easily! i forgot that other 0!!!
if I'm being honest i think this is what gave me that little extra push to go today. (but hey!!! whatever works!!!)
once at the top i hit around 5500 so i knew for sure hitting the goal was going to be easy on the way down. 
i like that it tracks your steps while you are walking and while you are running separately so you can see how you're doing in each category. this was all by 1215pm! woohooo!!
(i am now at 10465. i got home and set my phone done. i was cleaning the shower and eating and what not so i didnt track those but to be honest, i've been in bed since i got out the shower so i doubt itll continue getting higher. well see!)

now its been a while and im hella outa shape so im ending this and going to bed! (:
thanks for reading! :* 

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