Snapshot Sunday {153-159}

ahhh! Sunday got away from me!!!
this was a crazy weekend. 
catching up with old friends and my day got away from me!!! :(
lets do this sunday snapshot on this lovely Monday! <3
// 153 //
so i had bought these dollar cards at target and decided to do some pen pal-ing. 
so far, only one person has replied which was marquetti. 
he blew away my little card. 
its on dude!!!
its on!!!!
// 154 //
i saw new found glory this past Saturday. 
11th grade me DIED!!!!
i have a post on that coming up buuut basically because i bought tickets online, i got these booklets that had 2 free drink tickets. 
both frank and i got 2 booklets so hey! 8 free beers and frank wasnt drinking so hey! plus i found what tasted like apple beer so i was all good. 
// 155 //
i love this picture for the sole purpose that Chester followed me all over my room until he got my attention and basically all he wanted was for me to stay by the door while he pooped out in the back yard in the dark. 
haha! mr. tough pants is not so tough after all! 
this is him hanging out in my bed aftermath. 
oh man!
joke's on me. 
// 156 //
my second round of beer pong. 
i played this game just me and someone else. 
i lost. BUUUUUTTT i got him down to 2 drinks so i think i did fairly well!!!
// 157 //
i look like crap BUT i found Nelson!!!! (guy w/ the stripped shirt!!!!) 
nelson!!! i love nelson!!! 
ive known him since i was in 9th grade! we used to have gym together. 
the guy who beat me at beer pong introduced us! 
when he said this is my friend Nelson i was like wait what!? 
we had an epic "holy crap its you!!" moment when we realized!
i love this dude! he's like another little brother to me. 
we went and had breakfast the next day. its nice to catch up with people from your past like that! (: 
i dont know who the other guy is lol we just told him to jump in the picture!
// 158 //
aahhh!! this is mine!!!
i wont go in to details where i got it from because you know....but i got it!!!
i LOVE Louise. 
i cant wait to get the rest in the mail soon! (: 
// 159 //
my cuddle bug!
i love her!!!! <3

sorry for being late but if it counts i have a huge pounding headache. 
im never drinking again....until ya know. ;) haha. 

hope you all have a good week!!! 
im going to hunt for some soup!!
subway, here i come!
love ya lots!!!! :*

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