stuck in limbo

I don't usually like to get really personal on blog posts because, I don't know.....there's just certain things you keep to yourself. Now a days with all the social media going on people can easily assume everything off of a picture of an apple that you uploaded! and while I'm not living it up Kardashian style I am very happy with my life at this moment.  Most of the time.

I think I was in a way better place earlier and I'm kinda missing it but I know I shouldn't complain because I'm by far luckier than a lot of people even with the little that I have.

I saw this picture on Jaqui's instagram and it hit so many buttons with me.

A few weeks ago for Gladys' birthday the old high school gang got together. Its been a long time so it was nice to come back together.
Out of the 5, Mel is the only one who is married with a kid.
Carla and Gladys are both happily in a relationship and me and Jess.....we're still searching!
I won't say much about anyone else because it's not my place but we were talking to Mel and we were saying how awesome it is that she's married and has her life all together. More talk....and then her husband  mentioned something along the lines of "it'll happen when it's meant to happen."  

.....and then it hit me....she's starting her life and I'm stuck in limbo. And there's nothing wrong with that.
I guess it's okay to feel a little lost here and there.

And that's currently where I'm at buuut it's the perfect time because I can better myself as a person.
I guess the whole reason for this has to do with the fact that after 8 years we are no longer a unit (did i lose ya there?'s okay I'm lost too.)
It's a weird thing when something ends.
But the beautiful thing about it is is that I get to reinvent myself and become a better person.
I'm currently stuck in limbo but it's a-ok...while i want to be ready for what the future is about to bring, I'm having a great time living in this moment. How many of you can say you got got your parade rained on over beer pong? (Haha! A whole 'nother story!)

And to be honest with you, I think I'm bummin bc I'm in debt.not even a lot. I just HATE owing $$$.
At the age of 26 I have yet to embark on a friggin vacation which sucks but I'm okay with that as well.
I wanna be all over California before I take it outside of the state but I made a promise to myself that by 30 (maybe my birthday!)  I'm guna have a "treat yoself" moment and take myself on a nice vacation!!! (You're welcomed to come along! ;) )
I hope it doesn't sound like I'm settling because I swear I don't feel that I am at all!
I'm just slowly realizing the person I am meant to be.
Like they say, "20's are for being selfish and figuring yourself out!" (Or something like that....and if it's not a saying I'm making it one today!  ✔)

i don't know.....its just nice to clear your head once in a while. (: 

thanks for hearing (reading out) my little rant. 
Loves ya!, 

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