Hello June!

that picture reminds me of the shell gas station!
which reminds me...what happened to them? 
i see them so rarely! i know of 2 and thats it. (but then again i barely leave my neighborhood!)

ahhh! its crazy! here it is guys!
the 1/2 way mark of 2014!
isnt it crazy!!! its now officially the countdown to the best holidays out there!!!
thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas....ahh!!
okay maybe im getting a little bit TOO ahead of myself but still. 
im just wishing for summer to be over. 
living in California, its always summer no matter what season it is, so im a-okay with skipping it this year! :D

i didnt forget to post this yesterday, i just had the most laziest of lazy sundays i have ever had!!!
i did my Snapshot Sunday post then fell asleep at 8 something am. woke up at 2 and just laid in my sisters bed watching movies on netflix (saw this one and i fell in LOVE!!! i already want to see it again which is weird because i never like to see movies back to back.) all day long, until like 9 pm. then i went to z's house, watched him grill some june bug seasoned chicken!

i wish i had more to say but its kinda quiet over here for now. 
im sure that will change soon. 
we'll see!

have an awesome June!
kick its butt!

thanks for reading this randomly nothing random post!

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