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120 unread blog posts. 
whenever im off during the weekend im always consistently refreshing just to find no new posts. 
i miss a eek (maybe two) and boom! 
a years worth of reading. 
lets do this!

Strawberry, California is a real little city!!? 
its only 8 hrs away! i NEED to go!
population 100. 1 gas station and 1 restaurant. 
Costa Rica
they traveled to Costa Rica and it looks like a hellavu blast!
id geek out so hard if i ever met any of these people!! <3
DIY Donut Sunglasses
donut day was last week. lets make glasses! because lets be honest.
you can rock these ANY DAY!!!
DIY Message Candle Centerpieces | Oh Happy Day!
neat idea!!!
message candle centers. super cute idea that you can customize however you want!
J + E
kinda late but i love it!
happy 3 year wedding anniversary Larson's. 
here's to many more!
how to make simple photo collages for blog posts |
how to crop your photos and stuff to make a collage.
i mean its not rocket science but i didnt know myself so im glad i found this post!

i NEED to make this.
i NEED this in my life!
a stack-able burger pillow!? 
my inner bob's burger fan girl just died!!!
please please please some one make this for me and i will love you FOR EVER!!!
(but add a tomato! thanks!)
5 Good Reasons Why You Should Wait Until You’re 30 To Get Married
i believe in marriage. i do. i want a husband and kids and a family and a home and i want that.
i want it more than going out and just partying. but i agree with this article. 
if you are so sure, why rush.
thats what i dont get. if you know you are forever why rush to forever. enjoy the journey ya know.

reading this post made me cry.
i cant begin to imagine what they're going through!
stay strong Jaqui & Dan

these pictures are just!!!! ahh! i love this chick whoever she is.
gooo katie day!

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