Snapshot Sunday {146-152}

happy June everyone!
can you believe it 1/2 way through the year. 
'kay ill leave that for another post!

lets get to it!!!
// 146 //
as i had said earlier, Friday was kind've a weird day
i had a late breakfast so for lunch i wasn't hungry and decided to nap in my car instead!
i think that's what i needed all along!!!
once i woke up my coworker called me over for lunch and they had made protein burgers.
MAN!, they were delicious!
nom nom noooms!!
// 147 //
sitting, waiting, {wishing} studying in my car at school for my last french test before the final this coming Wednesday!
i cant believe this semester is almost over! :(
so bittersweet for me.
I'm trying to enroll for summer but its being a pain! >:(
// 148 // 
im sure i've said it not a fan of taking selfies!
not because theyre so ahhh! but just cause i fell like i cant take a good one to save my life. 
so of course i love this picture (i laughed out out loud as i typed that!) 
this was me going to the movies to see the lego movie!
honestly, i didn't care to see that movie.
but man, it was AWESOME!!!! (everything IS awesome!!! haha)
im also wearing a necklace i threatened my sister in to buying for me!
thanks bro! 
i love you! {and that necklace!}
{im also still very much in love with the fact that i have eyebrows lol!!!) 
// 149 //
this week we celebrated our old coworker but dear friend Eman's college graduation!!!
he had a little shindig at a hotel and we all got together for him! <3
we love ya eman!!
// 150 //
Friday movie date night at home with the babes!
if you have netflix, watch "best night ever
i have been going to Vegas for years now and i can definitely say that i have been doing it wrong all along lol!!!!
// 151 //
member that little sliver of moon i could see from my window in my last post that i was talking about
this is the view i was talking about!
i will go to the beach at night! 
// 152 //
last night, Gladys and i went to go see bruno mars!
ahh that man!! so amazing live. 
i sung every song out loud and i danced like there was no tomorrow!
i want to see him again!
we had good seats but not good enough that i could take AMA-ZA-ZING photos of the man!
but ill post what i have!
all im going to say though, that (what felt like) 20 minutes of sexual intro. oh man!
im sure every man in the stadium got some kind of loving last night. haha. 

i need a quick little nap. 
then off to hike i go! (:
have a good rest of your sunday!
and Happy June 1st!!! (: 

love ya!

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