Q & A {5/24 to 5/30 2014}

i woke up in a shitty mood so by the time i got to work posting this was the last thing on my mind but the day got better then i took a nap, had a homemade protein burger with a side of watermelon, then i came home and got some shitty news. nothing bad im just kinda bummed but im taking it as a "hey, be your own fucken person" kinda thing. i saw a pretty funny movie and now i sit in my living room tying this while foster the people is on pandora and when i look up, even though its a small window, i have a pretty sweet view of the little sliver that the moon currently is. 

i have been wanting to take a trip to the beach at night. 
i live for that. 
i love the beach at night. im just such a chicken at the thought of going by myself at night (thanks Dean Koontz!) but i think i should man the ef up!
(or as i am re-naming it... "Carlee" the ef up!)

enough ranting, lets get started! :D

May 24, 2014 {Saturday}
Q: what motivated you today? 
A: i didnt do shit today (i dont think) so my bed! :) it motivated me to sleep in (its been a while) plus last night was fun! ;)
last night i went to V bar in long beach for z's coworkers bday. i met some cool people. had several drinks, took a breakfast shot!!!! (that comes with a side off bacon!!!! and i dont even like bacon!) then went to ihop and had the best 3 am breakfast ive ever had (i never have bfast at 3 am!!!!) then i passed out! it was the best! (: 

May 25, 2014 {Sunday}
Q: if you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go? 
A: new york, Greece, big sur, san fran. yea some are local (ish!) but its what you make it!!!

May 26, 2014 {Monday}
Q: last thing that nagged you today. 
A: happy vets day! 
nothing i dont think. i was off of work and stayed at home. 
maybe that i thought it was sunday so i wanted to go to Moola to catch the Frida Kahlo exhibit but then i was told hey! its Monday! (because free entry!)
i dont regret that nap at 8 am anymore!
wooohooo for naps!!!

May 27, 2014 {Tuesday}
Q: what gives you comfort right now? 
A: pieces fell apart (pieces i really wanted to keep together!) but they fell apart for better things to come together. 
right now, little by little, i am loving life! [=

May 28, 2014 {Wednesday}
Q: east coast or west coast? or in between? 
A: WEST! but im not a fighter im a lover!
lets travel everywhere! (: 

May 29, 2014 {Thursday}
Q: if you didnt have any responsibilities for the day, what would you do?  
A: up & travel! leave to NYC. if money was no issue i'd drive my butt over there!!!
imagine driving across so many beautiful states!
im not sure why, but as i was typing up that answer, the rugrats theme song popped up in my head!

May 30, 2014 {Friday}
Q: whats the best thing you read today? 
A: well i read several blogs. a bunch of junk at work. that awesome graffiti book i bought. the subtitles on a movie i was watching. the shittiest text i have gotten today!
i took my sister to her job today and on the way i heard something i thought was SOOOO funny i made her text me so i could remember it. ready? 
"Tomatoes., Technically a fruit but legally a vegetable."
does that count!? because if so, thats the best thing i have EVER read in my life!!!! :D

earlier in the week, Carlee took a spontaneous trip down to Florida after her husband left out of state for military training. 
i admire her for that because even though its something small, it just showed me that when you want something you up and do it for yourself!!!! 
i had an epiphany!
i have been wanting to go down to Big Sur for a while to go see the Bixby Bridge and the area. Carlee's post just made that desire grow even more!!!!
i have been wanting to go with someone, anyone! to no avail so i have decided that once i get my cars brakes checked out and they come back good, i am going!
dragging my sister or by myself!!!
but i am going!
5 hr drive, i WELCOME you!!!!
i cannot wait!!!! :D

{{writing this post helped out a lot!
i feel a lot better!}}

its friday night and im home and i wouldnt change that for anything! (: 

i hope you have a great weekend!!!

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