Snapshot Sunday {174-180}

its only 315. we still have the whole day in front of us....and im ready for a nap. 
my theory still stands because i worked yesterday and all i can think is...its barely 3!? 
im excited for work tomorrow! why? i dont know but i cleaned up my desk yesterday so its going to be a very chill day!
les get this rolling so i can go to sleep! (: 

174 //
this one garners two!
my little joshie is down here from Oregon! <3 
Sunday night we hit up chili's for happy hour and Monday we hit up acapulco's for happy hour as well. 
we are trying to find a way to keep her out here! 
(set master plan!)
175 //
deckled edges. 
how i LOVE you so!
my favorite kind of pages in books!
176 //
my friend andy went to go get tested last week at out of the closet. 
he posted his negative results so i thought better safe than sorry and i went that same day as well. 
it was a good trip. i came out negative as well! aaaand i scored this book case for 7.50 originally $30/40 at Ikea! its a win win!
and now i have 2 shelves to fill up with books
do you ever have an epiphany where you're like "oh shit!!?"
my sister had one last weekend when she realized these two are sisters!!! lol
that eventually that will become us later on down the line!!!
{my aunt hiding behind the cup and my mother!.....if you like me, you'll love her!}
178 // 
my little brother! <3
who i want to strangle 99.99% of the time!
funny story. this was at my cousins graduation party. i was already buzzin it and i was telling him about this potato vodka we had bought ON SALE for $3.50. he was laughing at me. 
i brought him so to taste it buuuut it had an and in it so he was out! : /
maybe it was more funny because i was buzzin it! lol 
179 //
just made this little happy birthday that i will be sending out. 
to ENGLAND!!!!!
180 //
what my trunk currently looks like. 
arts and crafts ready to go at any time!!!!

thanks for reading. 
its nap time. that hike kicked my ass! (: 
oh yea! sunday hikes are probably back! :D
(i want pancakes!!!!)
<3 <3 <3

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