The Neighbors by Dean Koontz

published: 2014
e-book isbn: 978-0-8041-8067-2
read in 2 days (its 32 pages long but you'll read why!)
i was getting a mani while finishing this short story!

.....and the man is BACK!!!!
i love Dean Koontz! i cannot say this enough. 
i thank this man for my love of reading!!! and this little short story proves to me even more so why!!!!

if you have been following me for a little bit you know by now that my tolerance for anything scary is basically non existent. im talking like Paranorman scared me in that scene when he's at that dead mans house and a rat comes out of nowhere! its not that scary! so you get what im trying to say. (hence why it took me 2 days to finish this really short story....but better than the last one that took me like a month! ._.). 

i love that DK is doing this whole short story before his novel release! (example: Wilderness before Innocence.) but what i love EVEN more is that i feel this is the kind of Dean Koontz ive been missing in my life.

the first book of his that i ever read was Tick Tock and man i was hooked. it was some weird kinda voodoo stuff. as of late, his books have been in the form of supernatural (is that what i would / should call it?) or in Odd Thomas form. i love Odd, its taken me to think of him as an actual person vs a character in a book (i think what im trying to say here is that he's had so many adventures i think of him as his own person in his own world in Dean Koontz land. i know. im weird.)

anyways okay back on track!
what im trying to say is that what i love about this is that it, to me, feels like it took me back to when i first discovered DK. i was scared and in love and i didnt want to put the book down but because i was in the living room in the dark by myself at like 2 am, i had too! i was too scared. and i loooved it!!!

this short story is based upon his new book coming out in July, The City.
in this short story we get to peek a little in to Malcolm Pomerantz and his sister Amalia's life. The City by what it states in this story, will be based on events of his best friend Jonah's very interesting life. but Malcolm has to state in this short story the strange events that happen just before he meets Jonah.

his neighbor passed away several months ago and up until one night the house was empty; until one night both he and his sister hear sounds that wake them.
he and his sister both notice lights on and even though they both think its oddly weird that if someone in fact did move in, that they would chose to move in at 3 am. 
to "break" the ice they decided to bake cookies for their neighbor only to find out that no one in fact has moved in.
supernatural freaky stuff!!!

turns out mr. excellent teacher neighbor isnt so innocent/excellent after all. 

after Amalia warns Malcolm to never enter the home again because of her past encounters with their neighbor, you know its happening. 
its crazy to read about what he is experiencing in the home of a dead person, how he has "no control" and how he overcomes it when it comes time to save a loved one. 

"One of the good things about being twelve or younger is that you tend to believe that you'll live forever. Therefore, you take stupid risks with little hesitation, and sometimes the risk pays off. Except when it doesn't." -M.

ahhh! i looved this short story i cannot wait until July 1st to buy the new book. 
you know dudes who make line at 8pm the night before a video game release? the people that make line 3 Wednesday's before thanksgiving for their black Friday sales? that's how i am with books. 
but because barnes and nobles doesnt open that late you best believe i'll be there as early as possible. 

i cant wait!!!

welcome back Dean Koontz!!!! <3

thanks for reading my total fan post haha! 

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