Wilderness by Dean Koontz

eBook isbn: 978-0-8041-7861-7

"for me, at least, loneliness was a terrible hardship, even though it was the basic condition of my existence." 

...because the last time i read an eBook and i didn't post the e-Book picture everyone went craaazy!!
(just kidding! only like 4 people read that post. i think!)
any who, i did my research and this is only available through e-format (is that a thing that gets said?) so yea. 

this is a 38 page short story and i know what your thinking: "38 pages. that's cake! i can do that in an afternoon!" 
well my friend, it took me a tad bit longer. 
i have never wanted to dedicate my life to 38 pages and give it my full undivided attention like i did with this book. (i LOVE Dean Koontz! i toooold you!) 

okay well this is a short little intro in to DK's new book Innocence (im wondering if this is going to be a trilogy or something!!!! **suspense noise**) 

--basically, this is all spoiler from here! i missed a few things intentionally but its basically the breakdown. read at your own risk! (insert crazy person during Halloween time laugh.)--

we get to "meet" Addison who apparently was born with a very harsh/scary looking deformity! 
as he states in the book, had it not been for his mother being able to reach the gun in her nightstand and threatening the midwife, he'd most likely be dead.

now i know his mother saved him. buuut she cant stand the sight of him either. 
they do very little together and what they do do they do it facing apart. 

at moments when she cannot stand him, she kicks him out of the house (kids only 8/9, i forget!!! sorry!!!!!) and because of that he is really familiar with the forest around him. 
so this time as he is in the forest, he comes to see a hunter, which is weird for him because its not hunting season and even then, when it is, no hunter has ever gone that deep in to the forest. 

upon seeing him, he flees and instead of going home (because the grey flag isn't out and not wanting to harm his mother either) he hides inside this rock thing. 
the hunter ends up seating on top of that very same rock without knowing that Addison is right below him until curiosity gets a better hold of Addison and the hunter spots him and goes bezzerk!
(talk about curiosity killing the cat!)

Addison escapes, runs away, tries to lose him and ends up at a very old house! 
he ends up hiding and the hunter of course finds the house but not him. 
the hunter then reveals some very *"personal (?)" information and while this is going on a hiker shows up and boom! he shoots him (actually hiker first then "personal" info!) 

the hunter eventually gives up (although Addison could have been an easy find!) and leaves. 
Addison lays back a while making sure he is definitely gone. 

once he leaves, he comes upon a wolf he had met before all of this happened (huzzah! thought i told you everything!!!....well now i did!) and......some other stuff about life and stuff...it ends!!!

hurry up December 10th!!!
i cannot wait!! only 8 more days!

"Each life is a spool of thread that unravels though the years, and it is by a thread that we are so perilously suspended."

meanwhile, i will be reading another book that inspired this book
and i just hope this one is better!

**not personal like hey here's my social....more like about his killings and how he climbed the "social" latter. 

have a GREAT Monday and thanks for reading!

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