Macklemore & Ryan Lewis {12.4.13}

now if you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that i have been on a crazy concert quest this year and after following Macklemore & Ryan Lewis for like FOREVER (after i missed em at the freakin Fonda!) finally, last night, my dream came true!!!
i got tickets at the staples center, i got super lucky and scored floor seats. 

now if you follow anyone from the crew, then you know people line up like the night before to get upfront. 
the line up for this show was 10 am and i was STRONGLY considering it buuut sleep won that battle and we didnt end up leaving until 445, in line by 530 inside all up in the front by 6!
good looking out lazy human!
on the way to the show with my sis!
you know that saying "never let anyone with crappy eyebrows give you shit!" this clearly applies to me.

opening acts were Big Crate (create? i dont know) & Talib Kweli
i dont know who BC was and as far as Talib, now, i know i was in a great presence buuuut i was just ready for the main show!!
words cannot describe how much i LOVED this concert. 
the fact that i was sooo effin up close, that i could CLEARLY see Ben & everyone else was AMAZING
(and tickets were only $55.50!) 
i love that as i am ending this amazing year, i ended it with this awesome concert!
no better way to go out!!!!

some guy in front of me kept farting and holy shit, im surprised im still alive to be typing this!
some stupid girls cut me off and one got in front of me. she had long hair and she kept hitting me in the face with it. when she turned around i asked her to put it up to which she said it might make it worse and i told her it was fine, we'd deal with that bridge once we came across it. 
fortunately, once Talib was over the entire crowd freakin sardine canned their asses all together towards the front and i never saw her again!

i saw Ben up close, touched freaking Ryan Lewis' leg! (im not going to lie, i tried stealing his shoe! for what? who cares its Ryan!!!!!) i took a million pictures (okay like 400!) and they are going to be posted (only like 100!) so get ready for a heavy picture post! (Claudia, show this to Matt! here are the pictures you requested!)

from here on out, its guna be a crap load of pictures! so proceed with caution (okay, more like with time!)
they opened up the show with BomBom! it was doooope! then it led to Ten Thousand Hours.
Ryan Lewis.
blurry in know. and even though we were soooo close, he was all the way in the back!
i've been in love with the M&RL since ive seen it...youre going to see it. A LOT
a lot of people in the crowd had this look on their face like what!???

he was talking about what he loves from LA is the fashion.
he then said he saw people wearing dope shit but the best thing he had seen was the fringe jacket...he then asked the dude who had it to pass it up.
he gave it back but chances are that dude NEVER got it back.
Ryan once again!

it rained gold confetti during Thrift Shop

Mary Lambert for Same Love (the crowd went wiiiiild!!!)
for these pictures, he was doing some freestyle stuff!
yes, these are hella blurry BUT with good reason.
he was crowd surfing on top of me!
i was trying to touch the man and take pictures!
white walls
Ryan's silhouette


then we danced! in his castle!

ooooh ryan! swoon!
he crowd surfed and i touched his leg and squealed like a girl.
then i tried stealing his shoe. no dice! :(
(what for les!? that's dumb! dont think i know that!? SO WHAT!? )
gota say tho, he wears pretty snappy shoes for being on stage.
i wouldve thought like sneakers or something!
Mr. Owuor Arunga on trumpet!
they closed the show with (well technically) Irish Celebration!
(they performed cant hold us twice) 

Mr. Ray Dalton.
Cant Hold Us (2.0)
they made it rain HUGE balloons!!!


holy crap!
i will definitely see them again! a million times over!
i saw the next day (thursday), they were playing over in San Diego and tickets were only $50.
man was i tempted!

i originally intended to post these up yesterday considering i was off of work but what do you know?
they were easier to post up at work.

any who, sorry (NOT SORRY) for the picture overload!
(if you share these pics, give credit where its due! (my samsun galaxy. huzzah!))

thank you for reading! (erm....viewing!) 

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