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1. (By the time I post this it'll be old news but still)
I have gone black Friday shopping.  Twice. But it was more like browsing.
 I was never there for an actual shopping reason. What I found was out of luck. 
But seriously screw black Friday.
Saving $20 ain't worth crap.
Ill pay full price thanks.

-7 people died and 88 were injured.
-a best buy (dont member where) let people line up inside the store so they wouldn't freeze outside.
a lady didnt want to lose her spot so she took a crap inside a washing machine. or was it a dryer? who cares!? #gross!!!!
2. this room is pretttty cool if you ask me!
3.this is probably  my favorite home from the At Home Series from the lovely gals over at ABM!
its that ikea shelving for her library!
4. lets make magnetic boards!!!
new (soon to be!) room, new stuff!!!!
5. i have been looking for this post for a while...i had found it and then i lost it! :(
im glad you're back.
now lets go get me a camera!!! :D

other things to be happy/thankful/laugh about:

1. i have 4 tattoos.
my mom just saw my last one (which is actually my 3rd but hidden) and i was disowned.
i accidentally showed it to her because i had a really bad (but not visable, i know wtf!?) rash. it was bad but she was mad!
until she needed something! now i am once again her fave.
2. unexpected help from the mister!
he helped us tear down the dog house :( and move the little she we had over so our backyard looks better!
(and we now have a possibility of having movie night in the back yard thanks to a huge white wall!...we just need a projector!)
3. these last 3 weeks.
week 1: lights went out at work so we left early! i went to michaels and bought all i needed to do some diys (Coming soon!)
week 2: uhm, Justin Timberlake!!!! & shoooort work week!
week 3 (this week): short work week for me again! :D & Macklemore & Ryan Lewis FINALLY!!!
4. my brothers awesome hair!
5. oooh! i bought a camera!!! :)
not a professional one or anything like that im still working on that! but yes! a camera!
a fujifilm instax! on sale on amazon. i love amazon!
6. tessie sharing her amazon prime!
hello fast shipping! <3
7. i bought books & postal pix prints on sale!!!!
8) im switching rooms with my brother (his room is huge!) so i get to design how i want my closet and i get to paint and set up and it has me thinking of all the ikea shelves i can buy and how i can buy more books!!! (see # 3 above!)

life has been great!!!!
thanks for reading!!!!!

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