Happy Early Birthday....to me!


its so rare when you can find yourself a friend whos there with you all the time no matter how much time passes between you all since you last saw each other. 
im not one of many friends so im glad i have these two! (:

Andy (the love of my life!) had set up dinner date night for us 3 (him, jaydeen & i) to go eat dinner for my birthday in west hollywood at  Sur (of course owned by one of those housewife's women.)

uhm, hellooooo faaaanncyy place!
i was blown away. 

never in my life have i eaten at such a fancy place.
("that's sad les!"-you're thinking. "yes! i know! -.-" -me) 
the food was amazing
the atmosphere was amazing
the waiters and waitresses themselves are freaking celebs! 
(i didnt know. i dont watch those kind of shows.)

here some random little snaps of our night. 
i love you guys!
enjoy! (: 
my two babes. Andy & Jaydeen
how'd i get so lucky!? 
andy, i LOVE your shirt and jay!, i looooove your JayTo shoes lol!
me & my baby girl! making me look like a grama!
im sorry, i cannot and will not wear heels. 
i refuse!
"leslie for your birthday, im giving you a pair of heels, you need grown up shoes!" -virginia. my coworker
Andy & I!
thanks babes!
after the 1st picture, i hugged him and thanked him a lot for this because i honestly have never had any one do this for me. jaydeen tried capturing the moment but because she's a slowpoke, this is what she got!
haha. i love it!
YOU KNOW a place is fancy when they turn off all the lights and give you tea lights as your only source of light. 
my theory in life is: "if you ever go in to a place and the lights are dimmed super low, its to keep you from seeing the real price!" haha
water is the same everywhere but man did i drink water like no ones bidness this night!
our drinks. 
now, obviously being 25 i've had a couple of drinks here and there. nothing like this!
im not sure what they made these out of but not even when i've drank straight out of a bottle has a drink been so strong. by the time we got our food, i was buzzin it good. 
weak sauce to the max! (and i love it!)
its safe to say we each only got one drink....and they were not finished. 
andy's enchiladas!
jay got blackened chicken with rice and fries. 
this girl and her fries. 
the love is real!
my plate. 
mushroom chicken with steamed veggies and mash potatoes. 
i have never tasted anything so delicious!
the mashed potatoes were like a slice of cloud heaven in my mouth. it was soooo delicious!
originally, i was supposed to get what jay got but when i saw mushrooms i instantly switched over. 
now i dont' know about you but usually, ill pick something then change my mind the last minute and when the food comes i regret not getting my first choice. this ALWAYS happens. 
not this time. 
this time i won!
talk about a happy birthday!
my little surprise birthday cake!
andy was like are you guys ready for dessert!? 
i was like heck yes....and then this came out!
the little slice had a firecracker candle. it was the cutest thing ever!
i saw it coming out when the girls brought it out it just took me a couple of seconds to process what was happening!

andy, i just want to take a moment to say thank you for going out of your way to do this for me!
this was honestly one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me and you bet your ass im not going to forget this any time soon!
this will always be one of my best birthdays!
thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!!
i love you lots. 
im glad i decided to work at forever 21 for shits and giggles otherwise i would have never met you!
i will always cherish this and now i have to get something going for your birthday!!! <3

jay, thanks for going lesbian on me at work! (not really its an inside story!) 
you're crazy and i love you for that. 
this year we did more together than we have apart and for all those memories i am forever thankful!
i also have to start planning for your birthday!

2014 is the year we do more together!
i cant wait guys!

from the bottom of my heart thank you once again! 
i will always remember this!!!!
(& happy early bday to me!!!)

thanks for reading!, 

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