this & that

1} oh lovely Ms. Wendy! 
You can do no wrong!
2} I love Katie and her lil fam! ♥
And this is such a cute idea!
3} I just absolutely love these gals!
Im so jelly of them! 
I want snow!!!!!
4} my mom keeps making fun of my xmas diy's. Well mom, huff & puff. You're getting one more! :P
5} such cute wrapping ideas! Makes me sad I already wrapped all mine....looks like I have some re-wrapping to do! :)

6. oh wendy! i love you so!
when i grow up i want to be just like you!

more goodies!:

-like i said earlier, my cousin Josh is down here from Oregon! 
i saw her yesterday for all of 2 hours! 
josh, if you EVER read this, cut the crap!
move back already!
yes!, i know you are used to the no smog and no traffic and no taxes and people pumping your gas for you out there but come back. we misssss you!
you are a crazy one!

-baby chris!
i want to eat him up. he is the cutest thing in the world. 
who would have thought my cousin would have had such a cute little gem! (....juuust keeeding!) 

-the beautiful scenery going up to Jorge's house. 
those mountains! swoon

-what my cousin Edwin told me about his wife...that one deserves a little shout out coming right up! :D

thanks for reading!
have a beautiful week!!! :*

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