The Average American Marriage by Chad Kultgen

im so pissed!!!! :( 
i SWEAR i had this typed, saved and even posted. 

isbn: 978-0-06-211955-1copyright 2013 (really!?)read: 12.17.13 i dont know how he did it but Chad Kultgen made it happen again. he made me finish another one of his books in one day. i started at lunch time and i was done by 9 pm. now i know this might sound dumb but a) i didnt do my research & b) what for!? so i guess its safe to say that **SPOILER** Alyna (which i think i kept calling Alyana in my last post) is not real? the whole married and kids thing isnt real! **SPOILER OVER!** at least...

that all above, was all i was able to save so ill just leave it at that. 
basically, its a really raunchy book!

i think i preferred his first book over this one. 

if you want to know about it, ask me and ill let you know. 
im so sad that its all gone! :(
im sure theres  a way to recover it but im not computer savvy like that so hey. be gone with the internet winds my little post friend. 

thanks for reading the saddest little post ever. 


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