Snapshot Sunday

this happened. 
that hair!
im in love
our backyard!!! (dirty i know!) 
the chicken wire is down & the little shed house in the back...its looking better....i want to get those clear chubby xmas lights and hang them back there. 
Santa Claus is here!
i loooove these shoes!
tooo bad im fashion challenged
ice cream date night with the kids.
i made her cuddle with me on my days off!
she wasnt feeling it. 
my room!
im going to miss this! :(
le sigh! <3
eeek! i geeked out over this
my new baby!!!! no new fancy camera for me any time soon, but this will do.
and right underneath the first picture i ever took!

since i only worked friday after being off Weds & Thurs, i feel like this has been the longest weekend vacation ever! 
i love it.

thank you for reading!
have a fantabulous rest of your Sunday off!

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