Will Grayson Will Grayson by John Green & David Levithan

published 2010
ISBN: 978-014-241847-5
read from 12/3-13/2013

if ever there was a Tiny Cooper in the world,  i really do wish he was my friend!

i just finished this book and I'm still trying to find a way to process this. 
as soon as you open the book you are introduced to both Will Grayson's. 
when i read it i was like wtf did i just read!? 
first chapter: loved it (wg1)
second chapter: woah!!! (wg2) what an angry young man. 

I'm not going to lie, that second chapter threw me off the book a little but like the little trooper i am, i did not give up. 
it wasn't until i think chapter 7 that i was in love once again with the book and i read it as fast as i could. (that little paragraph you read in the beginning, it makes A LOT of sense now!)

will grayson is friends with Tiny Cooper. the most big, gayest guy out there. 
he is who he is and he's not ashamed of it. 
like i said chapter 2 was the beginning of meh for me but there was still a lot to love!
they go to a club for a secret show (tiny, will, jane, gary and i believe some one else) they get in, tiny gets shit faced, they take him home and at that very moment will realizes that what his father has said to him is in fact a lie!
"Will, you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose but you cant pick your friends nose."
".....countering the second part if my dads theorem. ......i disapprove my dads theorem entirely when i reach down and clear tiny's air way of snot. in short: i cannot pick my friend; he cannot pick his nose; and i can-nay-i must-pick it for him.:

basically like TFIOS, i want to - nay - you will want to quote everything!

so before i start quoting everything, lets get the deal of the book otherwise this will be a very long post.

like i said, the book starts off really randomly. i was thinking....what!?
what is this Frenchy's? whats in the bag? why is everyone running!?

Will Grayson (1) (because they are 2 and typing 1 & 2 will be easier) is best friends with Tiny Cooper.
WG1 goes on about his friends and how he was friends with another crew but because he stood up for tiny cooper in a public letter that he signed (which goes against his own rules) they no longer get along with him.

WG2 is a very angry young man mad at the world. he comes in to play in chapter two and i was like woooahhh!
he has a friend named Maura who is very insistent on getting him to admit to her that he is gay but he's very hesitant when it comes to his personal life.

so to be a total bitch and because he is anti social to the max! (wow! old school saying!) she makes up a fictional character.
boy is WG2 in love with him.

some stuff happens here and there but so that i don't bore you with a long post, lets get to the point.

Maura finally decides to take it up a notch and have WG2 & Isaac meet all the way in Chicago hoping that he will come clean to her..
instead he asks her for a favor to cover him for mathletes or something like that and she goes along with it.

now i don't want to spoil it so STOP HERE! if you don't want to know!

tun tun tun
Isaac is all a lie! of course he is!
that chapter in the beginning makes sense now.
Maura calls WG2 and lets him know that Isaac was her all along.

he of course freaks out and looses it all.
WG1 is there to witness it, (his reason for being at frenchy's ( a porn store!) was simply because he bought a fake fake id and even though he couldn't join the show he wanted something to show for it) and after it's all over, Tiny and Jane come back and that's where a beautiful relationship blossoms! well, for as long as teens can care to care for each other.
Tiny & Will Grayson (2) who would have thought?
(but how did you not see it coming!?)

all this drama, blah blah blah.


there's an awesome play involved!
WG1's love story is pretty cool!

it's a really cool book.
i really liked it and definitely down the line i will read it again!

i just didnt want to get too in to the details of it because simply, its a well written book and for the most part with the exception of maura's drama you can kind of tell whats going to happen!

but dont worry!
i left a lot out! ;)

lets get to some quotes instead!

-"great news for someone is always bad news for someone else." -will grayson (1) (page 82)

-Me (wg2): "you know what sucks about love?"
o.w.g (wg1): "what?"
me (wg2): "that its so tied to the truth."
(page 125)

"if you don't say the honest thing, it never becomes true." -Jane (pg 256)

"and then HE stands up. if frenchy's could bottle him up and dell him as porn, they'd probably own half of Chicago within a year. he's what would happen after nine months if abercrombie fucked fitch....." -will grayson (2)

if you have read this book before let me know what you think!
and if you pick it up let me know if you liked it!

i have one more john green book to read but to be honest, i have a dean koontz book coming in and i got the other book i was talking about getting in this post so it might be a while but ill definitely get to it. 

JG has yet to let me down!

thanks for reading!

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