DIY: homemade Christmas ornaments! ♥

it wasnt until we moved in to our house that we started getting christmas trees and getting in to the groove of things. 
i can definitely say we have improved in the decorating department as the years have gone by. 
our first tree was a joke!!!

any who, the year before last my mom got my brother, sister and i our own little snowmen ornaments (at the 99c store) that had little bells attached to them as the body. she got them and said they represented us. the year after, i got us all stars. 5. one for each one of us! 

this year, i decided to make one for everyone that lives at home. 
having seen an easy diy over on ABM i decided to create my own! 
i chose to make everybody's initials. covered in gold glitter. 

see below for some easy to follow steps!

supplies needed: 
-wooden letters (bought at Michael's for $.99 each)
-mod podge 
-glitter color of your choice!
***i have triple thick here but i didn't use it. Elsie from ABM told me i could cover the letters with another layer of mod podge so i decided not to use it. 
step one // two:
1 (not pictured) - cover your letters in mod podge and 2- dunk the letters in glitter. 
the first letter i did, i held it over a plate and showered it with glitter. all the extra lose glitter fell on the plate and when i did my second letter i just dipped it in the glitter on the plate. for any blank spots i just dropped more glitter on them 

once i covered all the letters, i let them dry over night just to be safe. (turns out you can wait like 30 minutes)
(you see what i mean by chunky! i had to touch up a few spots)
3- once the glitter dries add another coat of mod podge on top of the glitter, let that dry and you are good to go!!!
i did the H&C afterwards since they weren't available to me when i bought all others. 
i did these in like 20 minutes. 
also, when doing the second (final coat) try not to cover them with TOO much mod podge. it leaves some parts looking clunky so go light. 
my sister was like "that's cute. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO HANG THEM!?"
easy!, get a staple gun and yarn of your choice and boom!
you are done!
(kids be safe!)
the H had the biggest loop. 
you can make them to your size but i would generally go bigger. 
you definitely do not need that many staples in each, but to be honest, i was pretty excited i had a staple gun. i stapled everything that night!
once i stapled them, i left them on the table since the H&C had just been made.
and here they are on the tree!
chonch & chester!
(of course my furry babies would get one each!)
my mom, brother, tess & sus. 
me & my sister! (or my initials. whatever!)
i have 2 more Christmas diy's. 
I'm done with a wreath i actually did last year that's now proudly hanging out outside and i have a homemade chunky Christmas light banner that i made because I'm going through a crazy chunky xmas light phase!

these would also be reeealllyyyy cute to make and use as gift tags. 
or homemade for anything else banners like the ladies at ABM did!
(hooray! since im switching rooms with my brother i can make the entire alphabet and hang them up on my wall!)  

if you're nothing like me and you're most likely going to be over them right after the holidays then you can just easily dispose of them. 
if you're like me 100% and you're an emotional hoarder (or you just want to reuse them next year!),you can wrap them up using wax paper. 
not regular tissue paper 
otherwise, you have wasted glitter, paper and emotions! (and glue and staples and yarn!)
if you make your own, post a picture! (:

once again, thanks for reading!

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