Goodbye 2013 ♥♥♥♥

"these last few weeks ive been to Vegas, San Francisco, raves & shows. i couldve been drugged , stabbed, butt raped. pretty much anything. the one fucken friday i stay home and this shit happens. 
fuuuuuuuck that!"

this happened to me in march! 
i ended up in the hospital in march because my dog decided that the one friday i stayed home should be the friday that shouldnt be left out and should be spent doing something no matter what it was. 

this was in march! 
i had already been to vegas, san fran and some concerts and shows!

how amazing is that!?
since day one, i was out doing things!
i was never one to go out. always a homebody. 
while things did slow down after march (sorta!), it was for the better. 
as they always say at these end of the year sappy ahh speeches,  you find out who your friends truly are and who and what people stay because they matter in your life. 

2013 (as i have said before and always will say!) was THEE greatest year of my life!

from all the concerts i went too (previous to this year i had only been to maybe 2-3 concerts) to birthdays to shows to outings to traveling to everything!
2013 was my year!
i see all these posts were people are like "man 2013 be gone!" and im thinking "nooo its been so effin great!" 

i had my fun doing all these things. 
i have a job that has allowed me to do thing things (financially!) somehow money lined up for me to be able to afford all these things and its amazing when that happens!
everyone at home is healthy and happy, good and fed and has somewhere to sleep!
and just alone for that i am beyond grateful!

i cannot wait to see what 2014 has in store for me!
i dont want to make resolutions i just want to make some changes for me!
i want to grow more as a person and even if 2014 isnt as crazy as 13 was i just hope that its a year where as a person i can better myself and help out others more if possible. 

being that i am a creative person (although VERY lazy!) i hope to be able to start a shop going on where i can sell the little things i make. 

i want this blog to keep growing. 
not in the sense of me wanting a million followers (although lets face it!, it would be nice! ....spread the word people! ;) )  but just to stay as happily involved as i am now!
i love doing this. 
i love reading all the blogs that i do. 
and i just love this little blogging community as it is! 

i want to read even more voraciously than i already do and discover new authors and keep my little library (thats taking over my room!) growing even more!

with a new year literally 7 -8 hrs away, i want to thank everyone that has taken the time to read!
i may not know you all personally but know that from the bottom of my little heart all the way from over here in California, i truly looove you! 
i la-la-looove you!
have a good new years with your families and loved ones and be safe. 
and tonight when youre ringing in the new year, have an extra little snack (or shot!) to celebrate the new year but also, MY BIRTHDAY!!!
26, i am welcoming you with open arms!

2013, you were great, i love you and already miss you. 
2014!, be amazing to me! cannot wait to see what you have in store!!!!

thank you for reading!!!!
i'll be back here tomorrow!
this post was previously published but i stupidly deleted a file that contained a lot of my old pictures hence why some of you might be like...what?? im working on these one post at a time. 
thank you for your patience! 

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