Hello January 2014! {{happy new year!}}

we did it guys!
we made it through 2013 and we welcomed last night with a baaang!

welcome 2014!!!

i cannot wait to see what you have in store for me!
new year, new month, new opportunities.

isnt it funny!?
i was just thinking, years before i could have swoooorn the week from christmas leading up to new years took forever. longest week of my life....and now, blink!, there it is. 
crazy how time flies!

last night my cousins Claudia & Eve threw an awesome super fun bash at my gramas and it was a blast! 
best new years by far. 
we had an award ceremony and a fashion show with Christmas wrapping paper. 
it was such a good time and i cant wait (yes yes i can!!!) for next years celebration. 
already scheming up ideas for some nye diy's.

i have some pictures coming up maybe by friday since i need to scan some and i have no idea how to use the one on my printer....if it is in fact that kind.

i woke up to the best birthday breakfast surprise ever!!!
thanks tess & sister!!!
i got some yummy sprinkles cupcakes. 
tessie cooked me a delicious breakfast and her fancy fluffy eggs! ahhh i looove em!
i got two B&N gift cards so new books here i coooome!!!!
im rocking in the new year with my Martha Stewart award around my neck!
living it up in the living room all comfy on my couch!
i just love the feeling of a new year. 
its all a new beginning!

i hope you all had a great new years celebration wherever you were,whomever you were with. 
ill be back with my birthday post!

happy January 1st everyone!!!!

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