Snapshot Sunday {20-26}

i don't smoke. i don't care for it. but i just had to have this little jar! even better?,  i got it for a discounted price. there was no way in hell i was going to pay $10 for that little thing!
cloudy with a chance of meatballs two date night with my mom & sister. 
this is seriously THEE cutest movie ever. 
i am definitely buying this movie when it comes out!!
i mean look at Berry holding the BSUSB lol!
mr. made me heart shaped home fries and sloppy joes! (: 
its tradition that he cooks the meat & fries and all i do is mess them up as i cut them. 
this night i was out due to my sprained ankle so he cooked this all on his own. 
i woke up to heart shaped fries. 
i oooooh'd and aaaah'd like a giddy little school girl. i mean how cute are these!? 
after finally washing my car (you know cause of the Glendale fire and what not!) this was a very well deserved treat! 
finally! after searching for these freakin 4x4 pocket mabobers i was finally able to find just what i was looking for!!! I'm finally starting my first project life album! 
my 2013 pictures are finally getting a home. 
side note: i have been looking for there stupid 4x4 pockets for a long time. i cannot say how many time's i asked Becky on her ig where i could find them to no avail. now that i have them, i see that being stuck on the 4x4 format was probably not a great idea. i should of bought different sizes so i could do more of a variety.
i have a 4x4, 4x4 with 3x3 side pockets and 4x's with 3x3 pockets in the middle. so most of my cards will have to always go in the middle and I'm not sure how I'm feeling about that. 
oh well, jokes on me!

i agree chonch. butt on you face isn't great! 
hey!, maybe these two can be the main focus in my set of 7 of my 365 project. you know since i do it as a weekly vs an everyday post. 
my momma with her new glasses!
i love this woman! (:
shes currently snoring right next to me :( loudly i might add!!

thanks for checking out my weekly snapshot Sunday! 
i have a new "one for the books" coming up. finally1, and the first one of 2014! woohoo!
now its bed time to catch some zzz's before my Sunday hike! :D
good night all! <3

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