Snapshot Sunday {13-19}

Usually im one to say "its already Sunday!" buuuut today im actually thinking "its barely Sunday!?"
This is the first time in a while that I think the whole week has gone by slow. Its funny because it feels slow and yea it's barely sunday but yet its already sunday (does that make sense!?)
Good thing were off Monday for MLK!
Any who, heres the weekly (now a 365 project) snapshot Sunday! 
Enjoy the only 7 pictures!!! :D
(Still feeling off about it being 7 instead of 10!)
you're going to see these guys often, 
i love my babies!!!
watching the sunset from the elevators of beautiful.....Ikea! (:
got my wisdom tooth out last week! (gggrrrr!!!) and the dentist said i could have all the ice cream in the woooorld! (not that much!) so i obliged! thanks to my HR manager for the gift-card!
reading innocence by dean koontz!!! see, its been quiet for a good reason! (:
i like the book, im just surprised its taking me this long to read it. even my coworker said it.
but then again the 38 page short story took me almost a month!
i like to pay attention when i read! :D
drinking a red gumy from Jamba Juice while on the job! (in the bosses car too! woohoo!) 
i love out of the office trips!
lovely downtown LA through the 9th st exit! 
virginias got a health kick going!
we went to long beach to run!
we did a couple of stairs and BOOM! #14!

im off to a hike with Gladys. 
running i can do, usually breathless by the time i get out of the car in the parking lot!
thanks for reading and have a wonderful sunday! (and awesome monday off for those of you that are!) 

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