New Years 2014 {pt 1]

a new year has come and gone (the day i mean!) and now here we are. January 4th. 
oh how time flies. 
this year, although we celebrate at my gramas all the time, we decided to funk it up a bit and we had a photo booth going on, we had one competition and an award ceremony. 
this to date was by far the best one ever!!!!
here are some pictures to prove it!
i blew up my instax camera and actually used all film (except one little box). 
ill have another post on that coming right up!
enjoy some pictures!
chach & ross. 
clauds & eeves. 

so this year eves came up with the idea that we should have a competition and make dresses and accessories all out of Christmas wrapping paper! (hello after xmas sales!). 
all they had were 3 rolls, tape, staples and a roll of ribbon. 
its crazy to see how competitive my aunts all are!
eves was the model for team 1 (or 2) 
maggie, a family friend. team 2 (or 1) 
my uncle stan huged her and ruined the dress! :(
maggies shoes. what a joke! i told my aunt id vote for her (i was a judge) if she made me a pair of these!
im still waiting!
what a creative fam!
after a fun, crazy aunt filled competition we had the first ever! 2013 Amaya Oscar's awards. 
what a joke! 
(i loved it!)
chick ALWAYS brings krispy kreme donuts! to every family event! (except for this one!!!!, oh the irony!)
....and another one. chris was soooo sad!
mimi's chiquita photo bombing!
and here she goes dropping it! -.-
chach, winning the buffest of the year award!!!!
story goes: clauds once got stranded on the freeway due to a flat tire and called achi, he took a while but he got there. 
so she switched it and said he said that he'd be in there in 4 hours after he was done at the gym, taking his protein shake and spending time in the sauna. 
whaaaat a joke!
he won the dancer of the year award! ahahhah
twerker of the year award!
whaaaat a jooooke!!
Tia Mila & Tio Pablito (aunt & uncle)
won couple of the year award because of the hard work and help that they give and provide. 
they were also celebrating their 40th year anniversary!!! <3
since we were little kids, (i am now 26 so i dont know, 15 years plus maybe!) we have always had a play going on for xmas about baby jesus and his story and all. 
my tia marlene has always been a co director. 
she's also the one that made eve's dress so you know, that says something. 
she does not mess around!
mimis chiquita!
she won bartender of the year award. 
she was mad because someone else had won nurse of the year. 
personally bartender is prettttyyy cool!!! 
my moms and sister!
my uncle stan!
he won the best dance award!
he has his own dance. "the uncle stan dance!"
how clever!
i of course, won the martha stewart award!
i was sooooo honored!
i honestly didnt know!
we also had a queen & king and prince & princess 2014. 
eduardito & (what should be my tia miriam but because she was at work eve stood in!) eve won, actually no, they were runner up. my bad!
here are the winners:
alicia & i forgot his name! princess & prince 
maggie & uncle stan: queen & king
my uncle stan's awards: an eagle and a light saber. joooke!!
and then we rang the new year in! outside for once!
baby chris!
i told chris that i feel like he didnt have a baby, he had a little young man. 
i have never seen this kid in a onesie ever!
the kids got in to the dress making deal too!
thanks to clauds for making this happen! 
best new years ever
another one of baby chris because aint he juuuuust the cutest thing ever!
.....and this is how you know you had a good night!
girls in heels....pffft ill never understand!!!

2014!, welcome! (all of 4 days late!)
thanks for reading!,

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