Oh brother!

"And destined is spelled? D e s t i n e d right?"-bro
"Swear on our friendship?!"-bro
Apparently friendship is more important than being brother/sister.


On Thursdays he has his catechism class.
I call him to see if hes at the usual corner where we pick him up.
"Yea man, hurry up man!"
"Don't give me attitude or i will turn this car around!"-me
"Its 10 dollas an hour!"
C L I C K!!!
pick him up....
"Tony you're an idiot! You'd go broke! I'm sure prostitutes charge at leeeeast 50 for a bj!"
"Its cuz when you're with me you're going to want more than an hour!" Is his reply!


In the 2 seconds we were gone they stole our parking spot to which he says: "man, *@#$ that Audi!, but that dude does have bomb sisters!"
He follows it up with "I wonder what its like to have bomb sisters?"


He makes it inside and I have this strict rule that when you use the last roll of toilet paper you should ALWAYS restock. 
Of course no one listens.
"Bros, can someone help me? I'm stuck!"-bro.
"Why don't you ask your bomb sisters?"-sister.
Then, he opened my bedroom door and well, I'm currently hiding under my blanket so I can brief!


Now my mom.....
My mom was massaging my sprained ankle and when she stopped I told her to keep going to which she replied "ya no mija, Eso no se le hace mucho masaje. Vas a quedar pasmada!" Translation: "no sweetie, you don't massage it often, you're guna become (stay) stupid!" -.- Shes currently poking at it stabbing it with her finger really hard. Oh mother! Le sigh! -.-

what a wonderful fam! <3

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