Temescal Canyon

I didn't make a huge deal about my new years resolutions but I know there are 3-4 things I wanted to do.
One of them is hiking every sunday!
So far, with the exception of last week because of my tooth!, ive kept it up! :)

Part of me is really ahhh! about posting my resolutions or goals because you know, I dont know, im weird. But mostly just the whole failing part of it or if I give up half way and you know, them being so public. (Its only 52 (give or take) hikes les!)

Well this one (as well as my others! Coming up on another post!) have stuck.
Sunday, I went hiking with Gladys to Temescal Canyon in Santa Monica and it was fuuun!
I wasnt too crazy and we went super early so by the time we left, the sun was coming out and we had no part of it!! :)

Here are some pictures of the hike.
As I do this (erm, try!) I will be blogging posts just to kinda keep track of it and hold myself accountable. 
So even though I have kept up on my hiking,  this is my first sunday hike post! (:
Still to this day, I love the abm app. Lol

So many cute little bridges everywhere
Balance beam...
Knock yourself out!
We took the waterfall route aaand this is what we got -.- haha
the ocean view! #swoon
....and apparently when i hike, i hike like a cholo. 
Side to side! 

theres several trails going basically everywhere. it is a nice hike you can definitely do by yourself. however, i am a HUGE CHICKEN shit so when it comes to hikes by myself, it will NEVER happen. 
i get scared toooo easily and it doesn't matter how early it is, it wont happen by myself! i will always need a buddy!

i slipped a couple of times but managed to catch myself. it doesn't beat spraining my ankle at the end of the hike though. not like towards the end, hey were almost out of the woods end, but more like, going to the car let me dust my feet off. 
i tried balancing myself with my right leg and kicking my right shoe with the left one....once it happened, BOOM! my right leg gave out and it bent outwards. 
it didn't look gross or anything and thankfully nothing is broken! it just made a pretty sweet cracking noise!!!!
i guess that makes it all worth it! :D 

...i want to go back once the waterfall is in full swing. 
i bet it would look nice!

thanks for reading! 
(i swear i posted this yesterday! i even saw it on my bloglovin feed (yes i follow myself!) but for some reason its not coming up!!!! ggggrrr!!! 2nd time this happens and i dont know how to recover it!!! so i had to type it up again!) 

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