Snapshot Sunday {6-12}

6} this cutie has been in a good mood with me! 
love him to bits! *chester*
7} blurry but; making my brother put on my socks for me!
laziness at its finest!
8} in love with my bcprint shop print!
i mean how could i not!? 
9} breakfast for dinner!
love it. 
i love his cooking!
10} i looove this mascara!!!! 
my sis got it for free from sephora for her bday so she signed me up and i got it too!!!
i looove it!
im not one to ever spend $$$ on name-brand make up but for $23....i think i'll do this one!
11} so i finally broke out my sewing machine. 
i intended to make an L buuuut its obvious i messed up. 
unless you know, LEXUS wants to hire me. hehe. 
so i just flipped it over and called it a 7. 
i like it!
12} home made calendar!!!
i looooooved it!!!!! 
i dont know why, i thought it would be bigger (although it does state the size on the listing so that's my fault!) so i decided, lets make it a diy!
i had all these things on hand so hey!
i had a frame from Ikea left over (theyre on sale!? what!? im guna go stock up!), some paper i scored from michael's and scotch tape! :D 
boom! i love it! 

see you next sunday! (well for another snapshot sunday! that is!) 
thanks for looking! 

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