Snapshot Sunday {1-5}

first snap shot Sunday of the year! 
usually i would always post 10 but because im trying to the 365 project this year and this is Sunday the 5th, its only going to be 5 instead of 10 this Sunday! :( 
i really want to do the 365 buuuut im not even going to lie; im sad its only 5 instead of 10 and even sadder that its only going to be 7 instead of 10. 
yes i know, weird. who's to say that i shouldn't just continue doing the 10? 
well im me and im a girl and im weird so ya know! 
any who, here's the first snapshot Sunday of the year. 
1} after working so many days straight, i finally got some sleep and cleaned my room. 
this is me on saturday night in a clean room, watching parenthood and eating rocky road and black cherry ice cream. cuddled under my reeeaaallly warm blanket my mom gave me for Christmas!
first Saturday of the year was a success!!!
2} after dinner at our italian spot in hollywood (the fam & i for my bday) we went to walk around at The Grove. 
i loooved this this tree! (and all the decorations!)
3} i saw this leaving our morning hike at runyon. outa shape. 
gota work on that this year!
4} pre cleaning my room. 
i just loved how this looked!
5} well this is cheating now aint it! -.-
oh les!
a) he bought me my faaave chocolates for my bday!
"you better blog the shit outa this picture!" he said. 
b) ross and i went to the mall to get my free gift from sephora. 
afterwards i asked her if she wanted to go to another store. 
"i dont usually shop, i just come to the mall and buy nachos." 
she kills me!!!!!
so she bought me frozen yogurt for my bday!

shortest ss ever!! :(
ill get over it!

thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your suuunday funday!!!

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