New Years {pt. 2}

all of 11 days late but its aaaa-okaaay!
here are all the instax pictures i took!
i love that little camera!
family portrait!
(minus sister!) 

baby chris!!! <3
ross & chach
clauds & francisco!
clauds, chahuahito!, mom
model #1 (or 2) eve
jamin & alana...ill get you one day!!!!
me & mom!
mimis and me!
mimis, eves and moi!
mom, uncle stan & clauds
the missing link. sister
and no thats not a cig know. 
its one of those whistle things! 
zee models #1 & #2
uncle stan
uncle stan & chahuahito
and because sometimes you confuse the power button with the button that takes the pictures!
and boom!, this is what you get!

sorry these are a little bit crappy but the scanner at work is meh.
and i could probably try editing them somewhere, but lets face it; I'm still half asleep.....surprisingly even after chugging a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks. 
i want soup or something. 
this wisdom teeth removal thing is some serious business!

I'm not even going to lie, I'm already planning invitations for Christmas this year! 
i want to throw the party at my house!
eek!, i cannot wait!

as we are leaving the house my little brother notices that i still have not taken down the little merry Christmas jellies from target. 
"I'm getting ready for next year already!!!" meaning it for 2014. i guess i was thinking it was still 2013.
"well when you think about it, its almost Christmas. its only 11 months away!!!" 

so true brother, so true!

thanks for reading!, 

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