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I agree with Kendall in this post
One rarely sees whats in front of them
I absolutely love Jen & her little kitten heels. What a babe!
Gold Medal Badges | Oh Happy Day!
clauds, this is suuuuch a good idea for the 2014 Amaya awards!!!! 
i do not cook! but this recipe looks sooooo delicious and easy to make!!!
lets make cute tea lights and gift em! <3

i love modern family!!!
Instagram Calendar from Earl Grey Blog 1
awesome diy calendar idea using postal pix! 
i LOVE these guys!!! (:
i know this is Christmas of 2013 and were in 2014 but i just loved this post. 
so funny!
Jen again because a} i love what she's wearing and b} she's a total babe!
hop on over to learn how to win free dresses for you and a friend from Lulu*s for a year!

other things to be happy / laugh / ponder about!: 

-jack FM does NOT play what you want. yet, they just did! :o 
 my whole life has been a lie!!!!

-on Fridays i go to work earlier than my brother wakes up to go to school. 
  so today before i left to work i went in to his room to tell him to put his phone on blast so i can call him to     wake him up (which i completely forgot about!!!) to which he replies, and i quote!: "what do you want? a regular patty or a krabby patty?"
  ha! i just about died, and then out from under the covers, Chester peaks out his cute little head!

- i read this post (well i just skimmed it!)  but any who, my sister is in my room watching TV with me so i ask her "are you okay?" to which she reples "why? want to know too much about me!" 

-my ankle is still sprained. it was looking better. until today when i woke up! eeek! :(

-guys, besides The Grand Canyon, what else is there to do in AZ? 
my mom wants to go to Sedona and then thats it. meow? 

thanks for reading!!! 
have a fantastic Friday! (: 

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