I'm currently laying in bed cuddled up with chonch who is currently cuddling with my bear.

Im thinking of all the things I could be doing but this wisdom tooth removal hurts and I have horrible cramps so while I want to do it all im doing nothing at all.

I could be putting away all the Christmas decorations away but no (they're down just not stored.....yet im already planning this years party!).

I could be de-cluttering the clothes from my cabinet so I can finally open it without struggling but no.

I wanted to go to ikea....but ahh...I cant even walk.

I want to make a cover for my diy 2013 scrapbook album but I dont feel like giving sewing a go.

I dont even have the energy to eat or read my current book.

Im all sorts of down!

Sorry, this post seems to be a helluva downer but it's how things currently are.
(Hey I should start a "currently" series! :D....see....already things are looking up!)

Ill make this short because writtng this down kind've helped a little.

I rolled over, let chonch be and im going to try and tackle something.
(And my mom juuuust cooked a turkey so imana try to eat!)


& now I leave you with this picture of chonch, because you deserve a reward after this little whine!

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