Turnbull Canyon

today's hike is brought to you from (well my room right now but you know, earlier!) Turnbull Canyon!!!
since my ankle is a whole lot better but still in recovery mode, i wanted to come here. I've been here before and so i knew this was a perfect trail for me!
here are some pictures of today's hike! (: 
cant wait to see what next weekend brings!

this time it was Gladys, my sister, Chonchies & I. 
Chonch of course took over and my sister was practically running after her (at least on the way down!) 
so on the way back, my sister was done with the trail like 20 mins before we were. 
she said shes definitely going to feel it tomorrow. i believe it!
the view up at the veeeery top!
we maaade it all the way to the tower!!!
to be honest, i didn't think we would make it all the way up to the tower. at least me anyways. 
but...i just looked down, didn't focus on the uphill part of it and i made it. 
hooray for meee!!!
and this picture....well i don't know. 
haha. i was looking through my phone and i found it so it definitely had to make the post cut! ;) 
and as proof! here we are! 
i look like crap soooo that means i did it right!!!! 
on the way down my sister saw me and she was like hurrryyy up you're going to get a ticket! im so glad we missed that! a ticket would have suuuucked!

cant wait for next weeks hike..although, I'm not sure where were going yet!
thanks for reading! have an awesome rest of your Sunday!

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