this & that {Keiko Lynn Edition}


hello crowns for all the girls during the holidays!


 i think (personally) that in order to be able to pull of any style of make up, you need to have the confidence.
it could look bitchin' but if you dont feel comfortable, it wont work.
i looove how Keiko pulls this look off!
and how i wish i could!
(i think this might be a this & that based solely on her blog!)


going along with #2....i think this will be a keiko post! i mean, isnt she just BEAUTIFUL!!!!


going along with 2 & 3, this is a Keiko only this & that! (a very first!) and with that, another first!, only pictures with a link to the original post because these you have to show off. 
oh how i looove her style!

let's keep it at 4. 
i lost the tab i was in and i dont want to go back or ill get stuck!
go over to her blog and fall in love!

thanks for reading!

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