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1. This is perfect considering I just got my first sewing machine! :D

3. this is a good list! my blog is basically all about #2 (hehe!) well, you know, when i read! (and #4 is good for the laundry/bathroom makeover!)

4. ladies, for your men on valentines day if you have to spend it apart. lovely idea!

6. how to make rainbow flowers. im going to try this. all the girls at work are getting a pair if it is true for valentines day!

7. if the first picture doesn't say FIERCE! i don't know what does!!!!

8. i love her tattoos. specially the flower ones. so beautiful!

9. this post is great for my christmas party (that i hope happens!) eeek!!!!

10. if ever there was a total about yum! 
(taken by the lovely lady in #8 & 9!)

other things to be happy / laugh about!:

1. im in LOVE with Bob's Burgers (the show!) i woke up the other night yelling "oh, bobby!" curse you linda!

2. my brother deletes all the comments that i leave him on instragam (what a turd!) i asked him why! and he said its because i make fun of his ethnicity. WHAT!? 

3. tess took my mom out on a movie date last night! they went to go see the 45 hr movie, The Hobbit.
i love it!
she was sooooo excited! (: 
thanks tess!, sweetest thing ever!!! 

4. its Saturday and im at work! 
woohooo over time!

5. crisis crayons!!! 
currently watching bob's burgers. 
guys, im addicted! (see #1) OBSESSED

zanks for reading and clicking links!

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