Q & A {5/24 to 5/30 2014}

i woke up in a shitty mood so by the time i got to work posting this was the last thing on my mind but the day got better then i took a nap, had a homemade protein burger with a side of watermelon, then i came home and got some shitty news. nothing bad im just kinda bummed but im taking it as a "hey, be your own fucken person" kinda thing. i saw a pretty funny movie and now i sit in my living room tying this while foster the people is on pandora and when i look up, even though its a small window, i have a pretty sweet view of the little sliver that the moon currently is. 

i have been wanting to take a trip to the beach at night. 
i live for that. 
i love the beach at night. im just such a chicken at the thought of going by myself at night (thanks Dean Koontz!) but i think i should man the ef up!
(or as i am re-naming it... "Carlee" the ef up!)

enough ranting, lets get started! :D

May 24, 2014 {Saturday}
Q: what motivated you today? 
A: i didnt do shit today (i dont think) so my bed! :) it motivated me to sleep in (its been a while) plus last night was fun! ;)
last night i went to V bar in long beach for z's coworkers bday. i met some cool people. had several drinks, took a breakfast shot!!!! (that comes with a side off bacon!!!! and i dont even like bacon!) then went to ihop and had the best 3 am breakfast ive ever had (i never have bfast at 3 am!!!!) then i passed out! it was the best! (: 

May 25, 2014 {Sunday}
Q: if you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go? 
A: new york, Greece, big sur, san fran. yea some are local (ish!) but its what you make it!!!

May 26, 2014 {Monday}
Q: last thing that nagged you today. 
A: happy vets day! 
nothing i dont think. i was off of work and stayed at home. 
maybe that i thought it was sunday so i wanted to go to Moola to catch the Frida Kahlo exhibit but then i was told hey! its Monday! (because free entry!)
i dont regret that nap at 8 am anymore!
wooohooo for naps!!!

May 27, 2014 {Tuesday}
Q: what gives you comfort right now? 
A: pieces fell apart (pieces i really wanted to keep together!) but they fell apart for better things to come together. 
right now, little by little, i am loving life! [=

May 28, 2014 {Wednesday}
Q: east coast or west coast? or in between? 
A: WEST! but im not a fighter im a lover!
lets travel everywhere! (: 

May 29, 2014 {Thursday}
Q: if you didnt have any responsibilities for the day, what would you do?  
A: up & travel! leave to NYC. if money was no issue i'd drive my butt over there!!!
imagine driving across so many beautiful states!
im not sure why, but as i was typing up that answer, the rugrats theme song popped up in my head!

May 30, 2014 {Friday}
Q: whats the best thing you read today? 
A: well i read several blogs. a bunch of junk at work. that awesome graffiti book i bought. the subtitles on a movie i was watching. the shittiest text i have gotten today!
i took my sister to her job today and on the way i heard something i thought was SOOOO funny i made her text me so i could remember it. ready? 
"Tomatoes., Technically a fruit but legally a vegetable."
does that count!? because if so, thats the best thing i have EVER read in my life!!!! :D

earlier in the week, Carlee took a spontaneous trip down to Florida after her husband left out of state for military training. 
i admire her for that because even though its something small, it just showed me that when you want something you up and do it for yourself!!!! 
i had an epiphany!
i have been wanting to go down to Big Sur for a while to go see the Bixby Bridge and the area. Carlee's post just made that desire grow even more!!!!
i have been wanting to go with someone, anyone! to no avail so i have decided that once i get my cars brakes checked out and they come back good, i am going!
dragging my sister or by myself!!!
but i am going!
5 hr drive, i WELCOME you!!!!
i cannot wait!!!! :D

{{writing this post helped out a lot!
i feel a lot better!}}

its friday night and im home and i wouldnt change that for anything! (: 

i hope you have a great weekend!!!

this & that

im eventually going to have to cave in and buy a new fridge because ours just sucks...
so to celebrate the new fridge, these would be cute!!!
Add some fun flair to your refrigerator door with these handmade word magnets.
(or even these!!)

THIS is genius!!!
starburst letters!
imagine giving someone a cake and eating the "decorative" candles without them knowing theyre actually starburst!!! :D
something like this for my mommas birthday!! :D

make your own shaped crayons!!! :D perfect for easter maybe!!!
Summer Nights-12
i love her!

for the patriotic folks out there and the holidays coming up!
lets make a patriotic beer pong table.
im 26 and barely played my first set last last weekend.
it was awesome!!!
we lost but it was fun!

for those of you who know me know I AM A DISNEY FREAK!!!!
ok no. not a disney freak but i do love that place....like a lot!
it has been my friggin dream to go there on a date. it would be the perfect date for me.
this post just proves to me that it'll all the more sweeter when it happens! (:
How to Print Mini Instagrams
a good way to print tiny insta's. 
i would love to do this but my computer sucks and im lazy!
but still might come in handy! (:
meanwhile for all my prints, i use postalpix!
Finished Paper leaf party garland
i want to make this really cute paper leaf garland!!!!!

fabric backsplash.....hhhmmm....inneresting!

i should really STOP posting diy's i WANT to try and just DO THEM!!!
this is going to be a long weekend! so maybe ill bust one out! 
i know im super excited to DEEP clean my room thats for sure!!!

Snapshot Sunday {139-145}

its rare that i start a book and then give up. 
ive done it but its rare. 
this is one of them. 
i picked this book up at the library because as soon as i saw the cover it reminded me of a reoccurring dream i used to have as a kid. 
i read like 2 chapters and i returned it. 
i skipped towards the back. but i just wasnt feeling it. 
my fren gladys was away in texas this week so i was on babysitting mode!
she is the cutest thing EVER. 
super sweet, super chill. 
she went with me everywhere. 
she was my little security guard dog. 
but she was really excited to go back home!
monday night, i got a free margarita. 
tuesday i got a free starbucks (NOT this one!) 
wednesday i got free yogurtland and then thursday i got another free starbucks!!!
ahh! this movie! ive been wanting to see this since it came out. 
i dragged my sister and i looooved it!
i have a huge crush on Rogen. 
but when he's dressed up!
finally got a mani!!!
i got really nervous when my sis took her drivers test using my car....so of course i bit down my nails. 
i cant wait for them to grow out again!
drinks at the V bar in long beach with Z for his co-workers bday!
i had a huge blast that night. 
i offered to host a wedding in my back yard aaaand i have to write David Tutera a letter to help me host a wedding!!!
if you have connections, let me know!!!!
i know this is 3 pictures but i had too!
andy and i went to Buffalo Wild Wings on Monday had some catch up time and then had some karaoke sessions on the way home!
i love that dude!

its sunday evening. 
all my laundry is done, Victoria Secret had a sale going on so i went super early and bought a crap load of chonies and bra's and im excited about that!
we had an early family dinner and although i want to strangle my siblings 97% of the time, i love em lots and i wouldnt change em for the world!

now to shower and to party with claudia and matt!!! <3

have a good memorial day weekend and thank those around you for the freedom that you have! 

Q & A {5/17 to 5/23 2014}

last night i went to go see Ride Along at the $3 movie theater and i left my keys in Z's car. 
i didn't remember to grab em when he dropped me off at home and had it not been for Tessie (rommie!) i wouldn't have noticed til i had to leave for work. 
so at 530 am i ran the so many blocks to his house and about 1/2 way back just to get em. 
(in his haze since i had just woken him up...he didn't think to give me a ride back....til afterwards but its okay! because he did anyways!)  
i've ALWAYS wanted to start running in the morning vs night but i wasnt expecting it to happen like this. 
its only 730 (as i type this) and i already need a nap!!!!
I'm so sleepy. cant wait for break time to go catch some delicious zzzz's in my car! {insert googly love eyes here!} 

its Friiiiiiday!!!! (duh Les, this post always happens on a Friday for the most part!!!) and its a looong weekend!!!
I've never been this excited to clean my room!!! :D
and I'm on babysitting mode so I'm nervous about that too!!!!

lets get started!!! (: 

May 17, 2014 {Saturday}
Q: Today you got rid of _______________.
A:  hhhmmm.....clothes.  lol. 
it was a hot day in Vegas so i went swimming! (: 
for the record!, i will ALWAYS prefer 100 degree weather in Vegas vs LA. (unless I'm at work under the ac!) 

May 18, 2014 {Sunday}
Q: if you could go back in time and change something what would it be? 
A: saying yes so many times when i should have said no. but hey! everything happens for a reason!
you live and you learn. 
if you let the same mistake slap you in the face over and over, well then you deserve it.   
but like...wake up!
you deserve better babes!!! :*

May 19, 2014 {Monday}
Q: what's the most creative thing you've done recently? 
A: too many to write about. mostly because i forgot. 
i didn't answer this until today because i didn't know how to answer it!!!
however i did start this pen pal thing going on so I'm excited about that! :D
(although, no one has written back!  >.< )

May 20, 2014 {Tuesday}
Q: whats the craziest thing you've done for love?
i got kicked out of school. i lost some school. basically love makes you do stupid shit. til you find what truly matters. (the love i guess i mean) then you want to do everything possibly good to keep that going!
love makes you do crazy shit man. 

May 21, 2014 {Wednesday}
Q: whats your salary? 
A: xx.xx
i did answer that in the book but i wont here. 
i will say that i did get a pretty nice raise and that has helped out. A LOT!
at the end of the day all the bills get paid and i have plenty to last me left over so i am happy with that! :D

May 22, 2014 {Thursday}
Q: when was the last time you had an inspiring conversation? 
A: ill leave the answer i wrote in the book. 
but i will say, Frank and Z. 
talk about over analyzing!!!!
and i answered this questions along with 5/21 because i was mad at the moment!
but ever so fitting for me to answer it then

May 23, 2014 {Friday}
Q: what is your hairstyle? 
A: right now, a mess. but usually nothing. just straight flat. 
boring and lame. 
it specially looks like a hot mess right now after all that running!!! 
i need a nap!

hurry up 3 pm.
i want to go home and sleeep!!!
and for this long weekend to start. 
im kinda bummed because i should have been heading out to san fran but things happen. 
at least i wont be going during the holiday so i wont have to worry about traffic!

hope you have a great weekend! 
love ya all!

Vegas: Pin-Up edition

sometimes ditching school does pay off!!! :D
(and by ditching i mean leaving after lab!)
one day, after lab, i decided screw this I'm heading home.....as always i log on to instagram and i see a picture of the lovely Claire Sinclair on my feed of her wearing a new corset and then saying to email a certain address to win tickets to her show!
i mean, what else did i have to lose? (besides my identity had it been a false account which luckily it wasn't)
so i email the email address, i think i went by a few days without checking my email (i don't even know how to turn the notifications on on my phone so you know) i had forgot and BOOOM!!!! low and behold....
W O N 
T I C K E T S !!!!!!!
all i said in the email was that i REALLY wanted to go. that i had been begging ANYONE and EVERYONE to go with me to no avail! that if i had to id go by myself (which lets face it....hell yea i would have!) 
i won tickets...i won tickets...i won tickets!!!!
so i picked a date, hoped and prayed that it wasn't a scam and took my butt over to see the show!!!
(insert emojis with hearts as eyes!!!)

i looooooved it!!!
not only did i win tickets but i got tickets HELLA UPFRONT!!!!
talk about a win win!
this has been the year of winning for me! first with Kelly then with Rachel and now with pin-up!

I'm not sure where i first heard of this to be honest....but i have been wanting to see this show for forever so i was really happy when i won! (Obviously!)
the show is based upon a 12 month calendar and the ladies act up what goes on month by month. 
its a swing kind of show. 
i loved every minute of it. 
Claire doesn't come out on all the months but the ones she does come out in are worth it!!!
i loved October's costume. 
of course she was always wearing pasties....i just loved that they were spider shaped!!! haha

she came down from the stage and gave some dude in front of me a shirt and she told him she'd sign it for him after the show. she also said we'd all get to meet and greet her and the cast after the show. 

that guy ended up leaving but i met her. 
and got her autograph so hooray for me!!!

only dude in the show (besides the band) what a lucky guy! ;)
the girl to my right (or left...idk depends on how you look at it) was the singer for the entire show....what a voice!
a "funny pose" picture!
this is me telling her she is a total babe!!!
and her being all "why thank you!!!!" haha
i looove her!!!!

this is the year of Vegas!!! and i love that!
and if i go back anytime soon, i will definitely try to catch her again!
just an fyi....follow her on ig for a chance to win because along with me, several other people won too!!!
and also, if you stay at The Stratosphere you can get 2 for the price of 1 tickets!
win win win!!!

im so happy i won!!!

Same Difference

last night i noticed our wifi (thingy located in my room) wasn't working buuuuut i left it alone because my sister is the one with the magic touch. 
apparently no one fixed it because it was still blinking orange today in the morning. 

while my sister was getting ready for work in the restroom i yell out: "what's wrong with the wi-fi!?" 
to which she replies: "who slept with a white guy!?" 

i love our selective hearing. 

someone was telling me about that game Telephone where basically in a large group, you whisper something in someones ear and it travels from ear to ear and you see what you end up with at the end. 
i think my and my sis could do that just the two of us yelling down the hallway. 

i have further proof as my co-worker just said she was having a cholo party and i could have sworn she said she's having trouble farting! (someone else heard she was having trouble parking!) 
this is her sitting like 5 feet away from me!


happy tuesday! <3

Snapshot Sunday {132-138}

im starting to think, how have i not messed up my numbers. im sure i have!


back from vegas!
what an amazingly awesome weekend! 
i smiling from ear to ear!
lets get this started!
my mom got this chess/checkers/idk thing from her friend. 
my mom and tess were having a very intense game as you can tell. 
my new bag! i love it!
got it at my sisters forever 21. 
im currently at a phase in my life where i HATE big purses so i use the small makeup bag that my sister gave me (which she HATES that i use it for that!)  but because i usually carry like 5 different books with me its kind of a hassle (either way, in my big bag phase, i never used one that big!) so i got this bag to throw all my stuff in there and not hassle with anything! 
heck it even went with me to vegas! 
i cant wait to add pins and what not! :D
my brother got a belated birthday gift ($$$) so he decided to spoil me with a donut!!! <3
last week California reached 100 degrees and my room was an oven.
so of course i slept in the living room. my mom, when leaving to work, woke me up and told me to go to bed. 
as i walk in to my room, this is what i walk in to. 
mind you i was hella asleep still but i was like waaaitt!!! i HAD to take a picture. 
i found this so funny!!!!
100 degree weather in vegas is better than 100 degree weather in california. 
specially if there is a pool involved!!!!
love meeting new people! (:
see what i mean about the weather? 
even Chester who LOVES to sleep under the covers shaped to your body wasnt having it. 
isnt he the cutest thing EVER!????
drunk reading is the best. 
okay i wasnt drunk, i was buzzed!
ordering this book based solely on this (okay and a lot of the inside!) is even awesome-er!!!!
i cant wait to get it!!!
even sweeter!? 
getting it on amazon for $0.01 (tooo bad shipping was $3.99 but still!!! its a steal!!!) 

in other news...i was thisclosetogettingmydisneylandpassthisfriday buuuuuut i just read that disney bumped there ish up to $96 AND cancelled their so cal annual pass (parking also went up!) so basically im (pardon my french!) fucked! they said something along the lines that you can still renew your pass but mine expired in Oct so i might be screwed. dear disneyland, SUCK IT!!!!!!!! -love one less person that was willing to spend stupid amounts of $$$ at yo park. but lets keep it real; i was going to call tomorrow to follow up on that haha! i dont even care that they bumped it up to $96. im mad about the pass. 

o well thanks for making the decision hella easy for me disney!!!
you da best!

lets kick this weeks ass!!!!
its a 3 day weekend for me this upcoming weekend so haaayy!
maybe i should try planning a date night! (: 

thanks for reading!

Q & A {5/10 to 5/16 2014}

you got here fast!
this weekend is going to be awesome!
I'm in a very cheery mood! and i think that that super sweet Starbucks tea has something to do with it!
lets do this!!!

May 10, 2014 {Saturday}
Q: how did you start your day? 
A: yelling at gis not to let the dogs in my room. then i showered and came to work. i am also wearing a dress. so i say pretty freaking awesome!
 i rarely wear dresses that's why!

May 11, 2014 {Sunday}
Q: how do you want to be remembered?  
A: for being awesome & honest! for being the one that always tried. 
in everything. 
i guess this depends on the person you are speaking of. 
most of my friends know me as the book worm and i love nothing more than when people message me anything book related saying that it reminded them of me! <3 <3 <3

May 12, 2014 {Monday}
Q: what are you exploring? 
A: new friendships! Z! that dude is cool. hmm...getting out there more? 
hmm...letting go of things that i know are not going to happen any longer. 

May 13, 2014 {Tuesday}
Q: who loves you today? 
A: my mom? the family? no one has literally said it to me today. wahh!
then i tricked my sister into telling me!
haha! score 1 for les!

May 14, 2014 {Wednesday}
Q: what makes a good enemy?
A: someone who is upfront about it. 
don't hide it ya know!

May 15, 2014 {Thursday}
Q: what do you consider to be your biggest achievement? 
A: learning to be happy with where I'm at. i may not be where i want to be but I'm in love with it so far. 
there are a few bits and pieces that need work but its all good! 

May 16, 2014 {Friday}
Q: what was your favorite day this week? 
A: today cus Vegas in a few and the lovely Claire Sinclair tomorrow night!!!!! eeeek!
this clearly is not the year for concerts but the year for Vegas!!! :D

im eggcited. 
and next weekend is a 3 day weekend!
cant beat that. 

hope you have an awesome blossom weekend!
thanks for reading! <3 


Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer

(my nails were lime green, hot pink and then nekiid by the time i finished this book.)
published: 1996
isbn: 0-385-48680-4
read from 4/22 - 5/11 - 2014

i saw this book as i was leaving the library checking out another book. 
the only reason i thought to grab this book was because i saw that it was the library's "lets discuss this..." of the month. (or whatever they call it!) 
...i didnt make it to that group conversation. 

i do know that its a movie. 
a movie i never really cared to see and i never thought i would...but i did!, and right as i was at like the 15th page of the book.  why? because i wanted to try out my theory. 
movies before books dont break your heart as much. and i think that theory stands to be true. 

i saw the movie and i liked it. 
it was kind of straight to the point although it did have its missing parts but i feel that the book went on for a looong while!
as soon as i started reading it i was hooked but it got to parts that i dragged to read. 

kay kay enough!

this is a true story about a young man name Charles McCandless whose desire was to leave to Alaska as soon as he graduated college without telling anyone. 
he up and donates all of his money ($24,000) to a charity that is involved with feeding the less fortunate. 
he packs all he needs into his Datsun (i think thats what it was) and takes off.

when you start reading the book, the author straight up says something along the lines "this is the story of a young man that dies 2 weeks in to his trip in to Alaska" (i say along the lines because i can't quote it...i returned the book already! sad face!) 

Apparently though, he traveled quite a lot before hitting Alaska. 
From California to Oregon to one of the M states (horrible memory i tell ya!) he was all over the place before he landed at Alaska. 

Along the way he meets several people that try to convince him to stay but he's set on his ways and it doesnt matter the weather or time, theres nothing stopping him from getting there. 

i dont really want to talk about each character individually but i will say that i believe, compared to the book, the movie did a really good job capturing its essence. in the book the author talks a lot about his life experiences as well as several other young men that like McCandless up and traveled with no regard for anything else other than the nature they surrounded themselves with. 

what i find amazing is that, technically, he could have survived had he been smarter about it. i say smarter in the sense that he should have learned about where exactly he was going. 
while he considered where he ended up the deep heavy heart of Alaska, he was actually far from it. 
he was in a very remote area. accessible to a lot of hunters who usually head that way to hunt during winter. 
several miles from him were several cabins that he could have gotten to even in the state that he was in towards his end. there was a cable car that could have helped him get to the other side of the river had he gone just a few more miles. 
but i guess that's just it no? its all so simple that it looks like its not. 

over all, i thought it was a good book. 
i am leaving a lot of detail out but you can just watch the movie. 
theres no need to read the book (never thought i'd say that) because for the most the movie covers it. 

but just to cover the basics,  his parents were influenced by money and he didnt like it. 
Chris found out that his father had another family (of 6 kids!) and that he fathered another child while with his mother (even thought they werent legally married and she had been the other woman!) im guessing that's what drove him to be the way he was. his parents were abusive towards each other and he wasnt having that. he got along well with his sister but he was always a person to be by themselves. 
in the book, at the end, his parents fly out to where he died in the bus. i really liked that part. 
kind of like closure. i wish they would have put that in the movie. 
its just crazy how all these people whose life he touched all gather to try to get something together to remember him by. 

one thing you do get in the movie that's more thoroughly explained in the book is that he was not mentally unstable. he wasnt demented or crazy or anything. 
of all the people the author talks about in the book, Chris (Alex Supertramp) seems to be one of the most stable. he just, i dont know. wanted to be alone. 
and just to cover it, he does die. but i didnt say how. 
the book of course goes into more detail than the movie. still the same death but it was later discovered how so more in depth. 

overall, watch the movie. 
woot woot!
(by far, i feel this is one of my weirdest reviews....is that what i call em? naaah but you get me!)

this & that

are these real!? where can i buy them.
i WILL get a fashion sense if i can grab these!!!!
<3 (insert emoji with hearts as eyes!)
JOURNAL with Lemony Snicket Quote - Never Trust Anyone Who Has Not Brought A Book
i always carry at least 2 or 3. 
so I'm really trustworthy!!! :D
Pink Door Palm Springs
this post reminds me why i love Kelly's blog!
and that blue dress!!!
i WANT!!!!

this post just happened!!
do you follow Rachel on Instagram?
she has these 2 adorable chihuahuas!
i LOVE them. those 2 are something else.
follow along with #thepoopies!
i still think they need their own post section over there just for them!
Salt Dispenser Jar // thepapermama.com
what a smart way to store your salt! hmm!!!
Sister Style

I've been looking for a lace top just like this!!
i love it!

(not crazy about the f21 alternative!) 
Step by Step // How To Make Geometric Coasters
someone have a house party (and invite me) so i can gift you with these!!! :D
theres no picture for this but you have to watch it!
the beygency
people seriously act like this i swear!
How to Marble with Nail Polish abeautifulmess.com      2
its one of those things you see on pinterest and you think HECK YEA it looks easy. 
then you try it and you hate life because of the mess you have left. 
but this looks like it could work. 

thanks for surfin' the interwebz with me!

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