The death of Ruth // Elizabeth Kata

published: 1981 // re-released 2015 // 1743 (ebook) pages
eisbn: 9781448215553
read: 1/25-26/2016

i am just knocking books out the park this month!
woot woot! (i should also state that this is another NetGalley read. i don't think its required but hey, lets be safe.) 

doesn't that cover just say READ ME!!!!
that's what it said to me so i did and....what the hell. 
i cant find an amazon description for ya so you're guna have to settle with mine. 


Ruth is this bitch of a mother who beats on her kids and well, shes dead. 
i didn't spoil that for you because its says so right at the beginning. ..and its the tittle of the book. 
Molly is her neighbor who is tired of hearing the abuse so she goes over to once and for all confront her. when she sees Ruth, shes facing the sink so when she finally turns around, she think shes about to choke her out and as self defense, pushes her. 
she falls, boom, she's dead. 

or so she thiiiiinks!....

she's dead. 

so then her husband (Ruth's)  comes home and finds out what happened (this is where i am currently having an AHA! moment. i realize what just did as a matter of fact happened.) and sees whats going on and his instinct is finish what Molly has started (i didn't tell you cause I'm not that mean!) 

so basically, for 4 years, Molly drives herself crazy. shes super paranoid with getting caught with what happened. she lets herself go, she lets her marriage go, she decides to tend to the garden and only she can. her husband John used to be in charge of that but hes no longer allowed. and she goes nuts. she goes insane. 

finally she decides ef this shiz I'm going to tell the truth, I'm going to clear an innocent mans name and the day before she decides to be honest, she gets caught. 
she hauled off to jail but because shes basically insane shes in the hospital. 
she goes to court finally and BOOM! plot twist. 

wanna know? 

turns out that Ruth's husband, Ralph, had mixed her stomach pills with potassium cyanide and killed her but poor Molly was in the wrong place at the wrong time, so her life went to shits while Ralph got to walk free.

did you read that!!!??
i was like whattt!!!? 
i finished it last night but i was like ? and then it just hit me right now. (kinda slow on that one but i got it. 

i liked this book. i like it for the plot twist that it gave you at the end. legit the very, very, very end. i cant recall the last time i read a book that gave it all to you in the beginning to twist it under you at the end like this one did. 
very good Job E. Kata.  
VERY good job. 

with that being said, i HATED reading all of their drama. sometimes i felt like telling Molly to shut the f*ck up (sorry for my outburst) 
you know shes going crazy but daaaamn! and John, her husband, ahhhh!!! like i felt bad for him because he had to care for her and he resented her but sometimes i wanted him to act like a man. grow a pair. 
and Grey (no, not Christian) !!!!!!!!!!!!! poor dude. hes going to be haunted by this one. 
who is Grey you ask, haha! i never completely spoil it! as always, there's a lot i left out. 

overall, i do recommend this quick read. 
pick it up and let me know. 

lets discuss. 

thanks for reading. 

sober stick figure // amber tozer

publication date; May 2016 //272 pages but read as an e-book
isbn: 978-0--7624-5972-8 / ebook isbn: 978-0-7624-5974-2
read from: 1/22-25/2016

gotta love social media!
thanks to being bored at home on Friday night, a random like on instagram and some snooping, i found out about NetGalley.
NG is an online source where you can get advanced copies of books but only in PDF files. its a win win if you have a Kindle. im kinda screwed cause i have a nook and i have to convert files and blah blah blah but luckily my mom has a tablet that i can just use for now. (i feel like if i keep up with this ill probably invest in the $50 kindle.) 

anyways, for NG, you have to request tittles and they have to approve you (woke up to my first rejection this morning. sad face). they do have a section where books are good to go without needing approval and you can just directly download to your kindle app. 
this was one of the books and i picked it solely on the cover. i had no idea who Amber was or that she was a comedian and i had no idea what the book was about other than the description. 

Sober Stick Figure is a memoir from stand-up comedian Amber Tozer, chronicling her life as an alcoholic and her eventual recovery— starting with her first drink at the age of seven—all told with the help of childlike stick figures. Amber writes and illustrates the crazy and harsh truths of being raised by alcoholics, becoming one herself, stagnating in denial for years, and finally getting sober.
As a teenager, Amber is an overachieving student athlete who copes with her family’s alcoholic tragedies by focusing on her achievements. It quickly takes a funny and dark turn when she starts to experiment with booze and ignores the warning signs of alcoholism. Through blackouts, cringe-worthy embarrassments, and pounding hangovers, she convinces herself that she “just likes to party.” She leaves her hometown of Pueblo, Colorado to follow her dreams, and ends up in New York City, spending lots of time binge drinking, passing out on trains, and telling jokes on stage. She then moves to Los Angeles, thinking sunshine and show business will save her. Eventually hitting rock bottom, she has a moment of clarity, and knows she has to stop drinking. It’s now been seven years since that last drink, and she’s ready to tell her story. Sober Stick Figure is adventurous, hilarious, sad, sweet, tragic—and ultimately inspiring.

i really liked this book. 
it was a funny, quick read. 
i have always had a fear of drinking or drugs (mostly cause i think ill die) and reading this book kind of solidified my reason; its a scary ass thing!!!

Amber talks about growing up, how she was surrounded by alcohol, how she discovered it, kept at it and hid it very well and essentially how she decided that she'd rather live sober than hate life drinking and drinking to keep at life. 
its crazy to think how much your childhood life and surroundings can affect who you become as a person (duh les!) but its true. she was surrounded by her father, her uncle, her job life and friends. alcohol was always around her and she did it. she became a full blown alcoholic and she hid it so well and even though people knew, they never knew the extent of it. 

I'd recommend this book because of the journey that it tells. because its not a serious book telling you to get your shit together if you happen to be a drug addict or an alcoholic but because she's telling you her life and what she went through and how she got it back and her writing is good. the cliffhangers that she leaves you with (for example: what happened when she told the dogs owners!?? trust me, no spoilers. there are several dog stories!) and the way she picks it back up. she talks about her life in Pueblo and moving to New York on her own and just figuring shit out while fueling her alcohol addiction. 
she moves to LA eventually and she continues her alcoholism until one day she finally has her epiphany (and very ironic i must add) and decided to start her life over. 

her writing is good but its not until the end when she starts talking about her sober movement (and her letter at the end) that you can see how beautiful it is. 
her parting words put freaking tears in my eyes and it might be because I'm still upset that someone ate my salad and they wont admit to it (and cause i have to replace the Tupperware) but i love her outlook on her addiction and her decision to recapture her life. she picked herself up and she realized that she deserves more than anything alcohol could ever give her and shes been fighting for her sober life 7 years +. 

I'd definitely pick this up. if not only for the message and the stories (and she got in to a lot of shit that even i was like how the hell did you not get kidnapped or killed) that she tells but also for her stick figure drawings. those are the best!

let me know what you think if you pick it up!
thanks for reading. 

Gus // Kim Holden

published 2015 // not sure how many pages. read as an ebook
isbn: 978-0-9911402-5-1
read from: 1/19-20/2016

hey guys! im guna make this quick because i feel like crap and all i wanna do is not be at work so im tryina skate on outta here. (update: i came home early. fell asleep at 5 and didn't wake up until about 1030 almost 11 so i feel a bit better but then again i was all sorts of drugged up)

Gus is the second (and hopefully last) book to Bright Side.
have you read it yet??? huh? 
anyways, im going to just jump on in because i don't feel like blabbering on (for once)

so by now (i mean not really) you know what happens in the first book and you've cried your eyes out and what not. (you're welcome. and im sorry.) 
this book, didn't necessarily need to happen (except that the way the first one ended, maybe it did) BUT i will say that it was nice to go back and revisit the characters and see how they all ended up  (so i guess i can see the need for a second book)

so, ready? 
hella *SPOILERS* 

Gus of course is in the shitter after Kate's death. he goes on a crazy, ruin your life, roller-coaster.
hes still doing the band but he's barely ever sober.  
enter Clare. she takes over Jim's job due to a family emergency and they end up screwing and messing around with drugs (heavy drugs. coke is heavy right? i cant even smoke weed cause i feel like ill die so you know, im not a super expert in that dept.) 

fast forward he's all up on Kate still, he goes home to go back on tour but this time with a PA. enter Scout or as he calls her, Impatient. 
she hates him cause he looks like a douche and he's always drunk. 
he ends up getting her a job with his mother because her partner is retiring. 
Scout ends up moving in with them and then, enter Paxton. 
he's her cousin who's basically her only real family. 
and hes a huge fan of Rook. 

long story short. 
they're both messed up in their own way and they end up together. 

as for everybody else!

Dunc and Shelby end up engaged. turns out she was abused as a child so that's why she was always on the mean angry looking side. but shes getting therapy and shes great. Dunc has an awesome government job and they live happily ever after (im assuming. they weren't married yet when i finished the book.) 

Keller is a few months away from graduating. everything is great with Stella and his parents ended up getting divorced. so his dad is around more often and he has yet to speak to his mother. 
and guess what!!!??
Audrey (gus' mom) and Keller's dad (forgot his name) end up engaged. hootie hoo!!!! (yea, i did) so now Keller and Gus are step-brothers. 
and Keller ends up getting a teaching job in San Diego (and his dad, a doctor gig in SD as well) so you know, they're all a big happy family. 


its nice to go back and see how everyone was doing. 
it was a super quick read. i read it in the span of 2 days. of course, being sick at home helped. 
it wasnt as sad as bright side but i did find myself tearing up a bit. 
its also very (not super very but still somewhat) sexually graphic. like i feel 50 shades of grey could have learned a bit from this. (haha) 

anyways, its nice to put these characters to rest. 
but its amazing to even think that Katie (yes i know she's fictional) was able to create all of this! to get all these people to be in each others lives. LOVE IT!!!!
if you read above you have the major spoilers but as always, there's a lot that i left out. sometimes, the little things that lead up to the big ones are even better!!!!

thanks for reading! 

Bright side // kim Holden

published: 2014 // not sure how many pages cause i read it as an ebook...but it was 383
isbn: 978-0-9911402-2-0
read from: 1/13 - 15/2016 BUT i finished at like 1 am so gimmie sooome credit. 

book numero deux sooo fast. 
i wasn't expecting this; to have another book to write about sooo fast. specially after 3 straight days of posting. but here i am! surprise! i know, i just made your Friday (or whatever day you are reading this) better!!! 
yer welcome. 

i found this book through a blog of a blog of a blog and just reading through stuff. i wish i'd remember so i could give her proper credit but alas, remember i do not. (how shocking.) 
after that, i read the reviews on goodreads and daaaaaamn. so i bought the book on the kindle cause $2.99 = <3 but i sat on it for a while. (proves my last theory about when a book calls to you)
i had picked it up once but didn't care to read it so i left it until 2 days ago. 
i was bored shitless at work at my desk so i though id give it ago since i can pull off reading a book on the kindle web app to look like I'm working. 
when they said have tissues ready, they're weren't messin' around. 
i wanted to haaaate this book. 
i wanted to be like nope!, i didn't cry. i cant even see why people love this but...I'm sitting at work with my eyes beyond puffy from all the effin crying that i did. I'm about to go ice my eyes in the bathroom real quick right now. 

okay lets get to it!

Amazon Says: 
Secrets. Everyone has one. Some are bigger than others. And when secrets are revealed, Some will heal you ... And some will end you. Kate Sedgwick’s life has been anything but typical. She’s endured hardship and tragedy, but throughout it all she remains happy and optimistic (there’s a reason her best friend Gus calls her Bright Side). Kate is strong-willed, funny, smart, and musically gifted. She’s also never believed in love. So when Kate leaves San Diego to attend college in the small town of Grant, Minnesota, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with Keller Banks. They both feel it. But they each have a reason to fight it. They each have a secret. And when secrets are revealed, Some will heal you … And some will end you.

I say: 

danggit biscuit! READ THIS BOOK!!!!!! read it when you don't have work the next day so you can sleep in and let your eyes get rest cause they're gunna hurt from all the crying. 


okay, okay. 
So Kate, Katie to Keller, Katherine to Clay and Brightside to Gus is one kick ass B. 
i have never in my life met someone so effin positive ABOUT EVERYTHING (duh les, its a book.) 
life could not have served her a shittier hand but this girl turns poop in to flowers. 
she was the 2nd daughter to a mother who could give 2 shits about them and a father who ran back home and started a family elsewhere. 
her mother is a huge junkie who loves a new man every other day who ends up committing suicide.  she leaves her with debt up the ying yang that's only solvable by selling their home and their car. 
oh, did i mention her sister Gracie is a special needs child so here is Kate taking care of her older sister with down syndrome at the age of 15/16. and not once, not one single time does she EVER complain. 

Kate lives next door to Gus and Audrey. Gus and Kate have been friends for such a long time he can't even pin point to when it started. Kate's sister passed away (have i mentioned that i HATE the word died. sounds so they were nothing) so she takes a leap and leaves to Grant on a scholarship she had to skip on due to her sister getting sick before passing away. 

they sleep together on the last night that she stays with them (after Grace passes away, she stays with them before she heads out to Minnesota) seeing that they've been friends for forever, its kind of a life changing thing. (except that Gus NEVER told her how he felt cause gahh!!! but given the outcome i can't get mad)
things are awkward between them for a bit but it's Gus and Brightside!!!! they're the best of friends that i wish i had the privilege of just even knowing them so it works out.

trying to make this as short as possible. 

she moves to grant. shes a HUGE coffee lover so she goes into the coffee shop (horrible memory; i cant remember the name) where she meets Keller. 
mother effin Keller. 
they fall in love. its inevitable. 

it hurts me because Keller seems to be about the nicest effin guy ever but he cannot catch a break. hes going to school to be a lawyer because his parents dictated it for him. no if's, and's, or but's. 
like Kate, he has his secrets that only his friend/roommate/brother in law (!!!) knows. 
so of course they fall in love but she tries to fight him off because she doesn't want to be a burden to him because *SPOILER* she has terminal cancer *SPOILER OVER* and she doesn't want to leave that on him. 
but they do end up together. 
and she learns that he also has his secrets; he was engaged to be married because the woman he was dating (Dunc's, his best friends, sister) got pregnant. of course he loved her but he was young (she was older. cougar. insert cougar noises) everything was set for them but she passed away giving birth. that was 4 years ago. to this day he still carries the pain and he hasn't let anyone in until he met Kate. 

and it broke my heart that he had her and he lost her. and then Kate. 
freaking Kate!!!!!
its a whirlwind. and yes. Kate passes away. 
and f*ck, it kills you! i was crying. 
i was ugly crying. 
my eyes still hurt from the crying. 

legit, spoilers over.

its a beautiful story. 
i seriously suggest that you read it. how john green got a movie deal and not this one as well, i don't know. 
and even if you read all of the above (which thanks!) read it because as always, there's a shit load that i left out. (Clayton and Pete and Shelly and Maddie and Sugar (!!!) and the band and the girl can sing and a lot of other stuff!!!!)
i will tell you this though, its a lot of teenage kinda talk. like dude and like and stuff like that. i wont lie, it kinda irked me in the beginning. 
and once things heats up there are several sex scenes in there. so you know, just in case thats not your deal.

either way, read it!!!!!!
15th day of the year and i already finished a book in a day (yea im counting it even though it leaked into 1am today) 
anytime anyone finishes a book in a day, that's gotta say something. and i wasn't the only one who did. so, ya know. 

there is a second book that i already bought that I'm off to read in a bit.
its Gus' point of view and i cannot wait because it seems to pick up right where it left off. a bit though. 
my eyes need some rest. 

now, excuse me while i go ice my eyes!
go pick up a copy. 
and then let me know how much you cried. 

Ashley Bell // Dean Koontz

  • released: 12/8/2015 // 560 pages
  • ISBN-10: 0345545966 // ISBN-13: 978-0345545961
  • read from: 12/11/15 to 1/11/16

*drum roll!* 
i tried to type it out but i couldn't so...yea. 
GUYS! 2016's first book! and its Dean Koontz. i LOVE that man. 

are you weird like me? 
do you have a favorite author who, whenever they release a book, you HAVE to buy it on THE release day? 
no? just me? yea. 
ever since i can remember, i have always purchased his books on release date whether i read them right away or not (case in point: i have yet still to read the final Odd Thomas book and that was released 2 years ago maybe and Frankenstein from like forever ago.) so there was no difference with this book. except that B&N didn't have a single copy to their name! -______- so i had to hunt it down at target. 

aaaanyways! lets get to it. 

as amazon states: 
the girl who said no to death.
Bibi Blair is a fierce, funny, dauntless young woman—whose doctor says she has one year to live.
She replies, “We’ll see.”
Her sudden recovery astonishes medical science.
An enigmatic woman convinces Bibi that she escaped death so that she can save someone else. Someone named Ashley Bell.
But save her from what, from whom? And who is Ashley Bell? Where is she?
Bibi’s obsession with finding Ashley sends her on the run from threats both mystical and worldly, including a rich and charismatic cult leader with terrifying ambitions.

as always, from here on out, spoilers because!!!!!!!!!!

sooo.....Bibi is this young uber talented writer. 
nothing is wrong with her until one day, there is.
she has brain cancer (fancy shmancy name), gets seriously diagnosed at the hospital and then BOOM! she's cured. 
she leaves the hospital and her parents treat her to a masseuse at her home who is a little bit more than just that. 
ya know how people read cards and speak to the dead? well she finds answers through scrabble. turns out Bibi was spared to save the life of Ashley Bell from a Hitler wanna be. 

I'm going to make this as short as possible. (like that's possible) so bear with me. or skip to the end if ya don't wanna know not even a single tiny detail.

turns out when bibi was a little girl, she had read a book named Cookie (or something like that) and she fell in love with the main character, Cookie, a gingerbread man. she fell in love with how different he was but still very positive that she somehow made him come alive. turns out, he wasn't that great in real life. he was kind of evil (reminded me of his first book that i ever read, Tick Tock. which i also got at target. full circle guys.) with enough wishing and fear, she sent him back but of course she was afraid of what she had done. 
months pass by before she tells anyone until she tells her grandfather who moved upstairs and he helps her bury any memory of it. then with the trick her grandfather taught her, she buries other memories. 

so, here i am reading this damn book thinking that whats going on is whats going on...turns out she was always in a coma!!!!! since the very beginning. since her first trip to the hospital she was never "per se" cured. she went in to a weird active coma so while she was asleep in a coma to this world, she's alive, kicking ass and taking names in another. but whatever happens to her in her own world affects her in her real life world coma be damned. so she has to survive or otherwise, she's really dead. 

with the trick her grandfather showed her, she buried the  whole cookie thing, the meaning behind her dogs collar and meeting up with an author that she admired which is kind of cause to all the drama in her *fake* life. 
so now the whole purpose of her kicking ass, taking names and saving AB is all about her realizing her past and her buried secrets and accepting them!

she ends up surviving of course but after going through some crazy crap.
and honestly it kinda has to do with her growing the eff up and (wo)manning up. 
.....also with the fact that she heard the tape her grandpa left her explaining why he did what he did. so ya know....she kinda had to face it. 

basically, she made all this shit up in her mind. 

but then the last chapter of the book! oooh girl. 
whatever your name is dude, yer screwed.  

spoilers over!

huh? whatayaknow? i guess i could make it as short as possible. 

there is a lot i left out.  
but that's cause i want ya to read it and then discuss it with me. 
i do have one question though, i mean, St. Croix did she really have to be that conniving? i guess it fits in to the story but i mean her explanation to Pax and Pogo, while it makes sense, it doesn't really makes sense. how did Bibi come up with that? 

also whats up with her other teacher? 
why would she bury the meeting her fave author thing? ooooh. hhhmm...
it could be that i missed out on that because i was reading fast through it. 
im a firm believer that you pick up a book when it calls you too, which could be why this one took me so long because i generally read his book sorta fast. but once i got towards the end, things starting clicking and i couldn't get enough of it!
so i guess i can say it wasn't bad at all. 
i liked it. 
kept me on my toes and that damn twist had me going like aahh!!! and i even honestly thought that Pax might have been the bad guy for a bit. and so maybe she made..because of what he was doing out there. hhhmm.....inneresting. 

ahhh! i love ya dean koontz!
you da man!

thanks for reading. 

date night: the broad {1/9/16}

the broad juuuuust  opened up a couple of months ago and B had been wanting to take me so i got us tickets to go this past Saturday. fun little date night. 
tickets to the broad are completely free! so you just have to reserve them online. you can just show up but there might be a bit of a wait so its better to just reserve. 

i wasn't a great museum guest cause i didn't take notes down or write down what piece belongs to who and i only really gravitated to pieces that popped sooo thats all i got for ya. 
i also learned that day, after getting yelled at 3 times!, that i do not like museums. 
no thanks. 

anyways, here some stuff you might have already seen all over ig.  

i do know the pieces above are by Jeff Koons
(also, i cannot wait for the new abm app to brighten these pictures up!!!!)
i have NO idea what this means. 
i have no idea. i just liked it. ^^^
the reason B wanted to take me here? 
that big ass table. i think he wanted to see it honestly. 
how big was it?
boom! (he took pics of me but i look blergh) 
i caught it on. 
i caught it off.
i caught some Asian dude trying to instagram husband the crap out of this. 
the BEST part of The Broad hands down has to be the infinity room! 
i mean, look at it!
you walk in to this small room (honestly, bigger than i thought it would be. and honestly big enough to fit several people in if they wanted to but i can see why they don't) its all mirrored out and then you have lights hanging from the ceiling at all different lengths. once they close the door the lights are off for a few seconds then they turn them on and shazam!
its soooo beautiful! 
you only have 45 seconds in there so you really gotta enjoy it while ya can. 
i snapped those pics and then i was all amazed at how pretty it all was. 
it kinda did feel like it was going on for forever (duh les! that's the point!) 
it felt like it went on forever, time wise, but it also felt like a really short time. 

the infinity room is free BUT you do need to reserve tickets to see it. 
you can reserve them when you arrive however, they do go by fast. check in was at 6 so i figured they'd release some and we'd be good. 
nope. they were all out of tickets since 11 am!!!
i was bummed i was going to miss it but luckily because they close at 8, after letting everyone in, they let people line up on standby. B was over the museum at this point so he made line and thanks to him we were at the very front. 

i think they should release x amount of tickets per hour. 
oh hey! i just realized i was literally in the same room as Katy Perry once was. 
how cool is that? 
anyways, that was our little adventure. 
i want to hit up LACMA next. 
that rain room is calling my name!

thanks for reading! <3

San Diego // 2016 // my birthday!

hi guys!

how has 2016 been treating ya so far? 
i was going to do a big ol' post but then i got over it. 
and then i thought, what a better way than with trip pics!

B took me to San Diego for my birsday and it was the best! <3
the last time we went, he wanted to take me to Coronado Island but we were on a time crunch since we were there for a comedy show so we had to pass. this time it was nice cause we had no set agenda so we arrived, checked in and headed out. 

we hit up a brewery and i apparently had the best drink ever (according to him cause i have yet to master drinking an IPA without looking like i just sucked on a lemon.) we walked around a bit more then went to the room and relaxed a bit. 

we went to the neighborhood had some fries there, discovered a speakeasy (that you have to make a reservation for a week in advance!) and then headed out to dance and drink and have a good night. 
he got me to ride a bull so i guess you can say it was a success. 
then by midnight on the dot, we were in bed and asleep. 
best birthday ever!!!! love the dude. 

ill leave ya with some pictures as always. 
 soooooo close to the beach (unfortunately i was wearing the wrong shoes and i didnt want sand in my new shoes so i didnt get to dip my feet in) it was so nice to look up and see this.
Coronado is such a cute little spot with all these little shops! 
 we were at the end of the boat so he wanted to be all titanic about it. i just kept taking pictures cause i kept telling him that he looked like a gap dad model! <3
 we've always stayed in the Gaslamp District and always at The Indigo
thats the look ya get when you dont stop buggin like ya should. 

we ended our mini trip at Stone Brewery. 
his beer heaven. 
my reading heaven. 
since the last time i went and that little nook i had found, it had been a dream of mine to go back and sit there with a drink and a good book to read on my lap. so glad he made it happen. 
we had a yummy lunch there and then headed back home. 

this was one of the most chillest birthdays i have ever had and im so glad i got to spend it with him <3 
28, lets see what ya got in store!

recap of the new year: 
spent it at my gramas
everyone met B and LOVED him (i cannot tell you how many times someone pulled me over just to tell me that theyre so happy seeing me be so happy. amazing feeling!) 
rang in the new year with my love // finally got my first ever new years kiss (ya. i know, only took 28 years) 
got to wake up to him and chonch and chester all bundled up in my bed. only to see my mom walk by probably a bit hungover. he loved it!
we went to mcd's cause i wanted pancakes. 1 order cost him $15!!!! and all i ordered was 3 pancakes. turns out the chick heard me wrong (and even though i asked, she said each hotcake was $3.89 so i was thinking LITERALLY every hotcake was $3.89) and gave us 3 orders of 3 pancakes (9 in total) i had a pancake hangover for sure. 

so far 2016 had been good! no complaints here other than I WISH i could win the lotto. but in order for that to even happen i should first play. 
but seriously....everything is great!
hope your year is off to a great amazing start. 
i just finished my 1st book so i cant wait to post that! 

thanks for readin'.
love ya!,

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