date night: the broad {1/9/16}

the broad juuuuust  opened up a couple of months ago and B had been wanting to take me so i got us tickets to go this past Saturday. fun little date night. 
tickets to the broad are completely free! so you just have to reserve them online. you can just show up but there might be a bit of a wait so its better to just reserve. 

i wasn't a great museum guest cause i didn't take notes down or write down what piece belongs to who and i only really gravitated to pieces that popped sooo thats all i got for ya. 
i also learned that day, after getting yelled at 3 times!, that i do not like museums. 
no thanks. 

anyways, here some stuff you might have already seen all over ig.  

i do know the pieces above are by Jeff Koons
(also, i cannot wait for the new abm app to brighten these pictures up!!!!)
i have NO idea what this means. 
i have no idea. i just liked it. ^^^
the reason B wanted to take me here? 
that big ass table. i think he wanted to see it honestly. 
how big was it?
boom! (he took pics of me but i look blergh) 
i caught it on. 
i caught it off.
i caught some Asian dude trying to instagram husband the crap out of this. 
the BEST part of The Broad hands down has to be the infinity room! 
i mean, look at it!
you walk in to this small room (honestly, bigger than i thought it would be. and honestly big enough to fit several people in if they wanted to but i can see why they don't) its all mirrored out and then you have lights hanging from the ceiling at all different lengths. once they close the door the lights are off for a few seconds then they turn them on and shazam!
its soooo beautiful! 
you only have 45 seconds in there so you really gotta enjoy it while ya can. 
i snapped those pics and then i was all amazed at how pretty it all was. 
it kinda did feel like it was going on for forever (duh les! that's the point!) 
it felt like it went on forever, time wise, but it also felt like a really short time. 

the infinity room is free BUT you do need to reserve tickets to see it. 
you can reserve them when you arrive however, they do go by fast. check in was at 6 so i figured they'd release some and we'd be good. 
nope. they were all out of tickets since 11 am!!!
i was bummed i was going to miss it but luckily because they close at 8, after letting everyone in, they let people line up on standby. B was over the museum at this point so he made line and thanks to him we were at the very front. 

i think they should release x amount of tickets per hour. 
oh hey! i just realized i was literally in the same room as Katy Perry once was. 
how cool is that? 
anyways, that was our little adventure. 
i want to hit up LACMA next. 
that rain room is calling my name!

thanks for reading! <3

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