Bright side // kim Holden

published: 2014 // not sure how many pages cause i read it as an ebook...but it was 383
isbn: 978-0-9911402-2-0
read from: 1/13 - 15/2016 BUT i finished at like 1 am so gimmie sooome credit. 

book numero deux sooo fast. 
i wasn't expecting this; to have another book to write about sooo fast. specially after 3 straight days of posting. but here i am! surprise! i know, i just made your Friday (or whatever day you are reading this) better!!! 
yer welcome. 

i found this book through a blog of a blog of a blog and just reading through stuff. i wish i'd remember so i could give her proper credit but alas, remember i do not. (how shocking.) 
after that, i read the reviews on goodreads and daaaaaamn. so i bought the book on the kindle cause $2.99 = <3 but i sat on it for a while. (proves my last theory about when a book calls to you)
i had picked it up once but didn't care to read it so i left it until 2 days ago. 
i was bored shitless at work at my desk so i though id give it ago since i can pull off reading a book on the kindle web app to look like I'm working. 
when they said have tissues ready, they're weren't messin' around. 
i wanted to haaaate this book. 
i wanted to be like nope!, i didn't cry. i cant even see why people love this but...I'm sitting at work with my eyes beyond puffy from all the effin crying that i did. I'm about to go ice my eyes in the bathroom real quick right now. 

okay lets get to it!

Amazon Says: 
Secrets. Everyone has one. Some are bigger than others. And when secrets are revealed, Some will heal you ... And some will end you. Kate Sedgwick’s life has been anything but typical. She’s endured hardship and tragedy, but throughout it all she remains happy and optimistic (there’s a reason her best friend Gus calls her Bright Side). Kate is strong-willed, funny, smart, and musically gifted. She’s also never believed in love. So when Kate leaves San Diego to attend college in the small town of Grant, Minnesota, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with Keller Banks. They both feel it. But they each have a reason to fight it. They each have a secret. And when secrets are revealed, Some will heal you … And some will end you.

I say: 

danggit biscuit! READ THIS BOOK!!!!!! read it when you don't have work the next day so you can sleep in and let your eyes get rest cause they're gunna hurt from all the crying. 


okay, okay. 
So Kate, Katie to Keller, Katherine to Clay and Brightside to Gus is one kick ass B. 
i have never in my life met someone so effin positive ABOUT EVERYTHING (duh les, its a book.) 
life could not have served her a shittier hand but this girl turns poop in to flowers. 
she was the 2nd daughter to a mother who could give 2 shits about them and a father who ran back home and started a family elsewhere. 
her mother is a huge junkie who loves a new man every other day who ends up committing suicide.  she leaves her with debt up the ying yang that's only solvable by selling their home and their car. 
oh, did i mention her sister Gracie is a special needs child so here is Kate taking care of her older sister with down syndrome at the age of 15/16. and not once, not one single time does she EVER complain. 

Kate lives next door to Gus and Audrey. Gus and Kate have been friends for such a long time he can't even pin point to when it started. Kate's sister passed away (have i mentioned that i HATE the word died. sounds so they were nothing) so she takes a leap and leaves to Grant on a scholarship she had to skip on due to her sister getting sick before passing away. 

they sleep together on the last night that she stays with them (after Grace passes away, she stays with them before she heads out to Minnesota) seeing that they've been friends for forever, its kind of a life changing thing. (except that Gus NEVER told her how he felt cause gahh!!! but given the outcome i can't get mad)
things are awkward between them for a bit but it's Gus and Brightside!!!! they're the best of friends that i wish i had the privilege of just even knowing them so it works out.

trying to make this as short as possible. 

she moves to grant. shes a HUGE coffee lover so she goes into the coffee shop (horrible memory; i cant remember the name) where she meets Keller. 
mother effin Keller. 
they fall in love. its inevitable. 

it hurts me because Keller seems to be about the nicest effin guy ever but he cannot catch a break. hes going to school to be a lawyer because his parents dictated it for him. no if's, and's, or but's. 
like Kate, he has his secrets that only his friend/roommate/brother in law (!!!) knows. 
so of course they fall in love but she tries to fight him off because she doesn't want to be a burden to him because *SPOILER* she has terminal cancer *SPOILER OVER* and she doesn't want to leave that on him. 
but they do end up together. 
and she learns that he also has his secrets; he was engaged to be married because the woman he was dating (Dunc's, his best friends, sister) got pregnant. of course he loved her but he was young (she was older. cougar. insert cougar noises) everything was set for them but she passed away giving birth. that was 4 years ago. to this day he still carries the pain and he hasn't let anyone in until he met Kate. 

and it broke my heart that he had her and he lost her. and then Kate. 
freaking Kate!!!!!
its a whirlwind. and yes. Kate passes away. 
and f*ck, it kills you! i was crying. 
i was ugly crying. 
my eyes still hurt from the crying. 

legit, spoilers over.

its a beautiful story. 
i seriously suggest that you read it. how john green got a movie deal and not this one as well, i don't know. 
and even if you read all of the above (which thanks!) read it because as always, there's a shit load that i left out. (Clayton and Pete and Shelly and Maddie and Sugar (!!!) and the band and the girl can sing and a lot of other stuff!!!!)
i will tell you this though, its a lot of teenage kinda talk. like dude and like and stuff like that. i wont lie, it kinda irked me in the beginning. 
and once things heats up there are several sex scenes in there. so you know, just in case thats not your deal.

either way, read it!!!!!!
15th day of the year and i already finished a book in a day (yea im counting it even though it leaked into 1am today) 
anytime anyone finishes a book in a day, that's gotta say something. and i wasn't the only one who did. so, ya know. 

there is a second book that i already bought that I'm off to read in a bit.
its Gus' point of view and i cannot wait because it seems to pick up right where it left off. a bit though. 
my eyes need some rest. 

now, excuse me while i go ice my eyes!
go pick up a copy. 
and then let me know how much you cried. 

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