San Diego // 2016 // my birthday!

hi guys!

how has 2016 been treating ya so far? 
i was going to do a big ol' post but then i got over it. 
and then i thought, what a better way than with trip pics!

B took me to San Diego for my birsday and it was the best! <3
the last time we went, he wanted to take me to Coronado Island but we were on a time crunch since we were there for a comedy show so we had to pass. this time it was nice cause we had no set agenda so we arrived, checked in and headed out. 

we hit up a brewery and i apparently had the best drink ever (according to him cause i have yet to master drinking an IPA without looking like i just sucked on a lemon.) we walked around a bit more then went to the room and relaxed a bit. 

we went to the neighborhood had some fries there, discovered a speakeasy (that you have to make a reservation for a week in advance!) and then headed out to dance and drink and have a good night. 
he got me to ride a bull so i guess you can say it was a success. 
then by midnight on the dot, we were in bed and asleep. 
best birthday ever!!!! love the dude. 

ill leave ya with some pictures as always. 
 soooooo close to the beach (unfortunately i was wearing the wrong shoes and i didnt want sand in my new shoes so i didnt get to dip my feet in) it was so nice to look up and see this.
Coronado is such a cute little spot with all these little shops! 
 we were at the end of the boat so he wanted to be all titanic about it. i just kept taking pictures cause i kept telling him that he looked like a gap dad model! <3
 we've always stayed in the Gaslamp District and always at The Indigo
thats the look ya get when you dont stop buggin like ya should. 

we ended our mini trip at Stone Brewery. 
his beer heaven. 
my reading heaven. 
since the last time i went and that little nook i had found, it had been a dream of mine to go back and sit there with a drink and a good book to read on my lap. so glad he made it happen. 
we had a yummy lunch there and then headed back home. 

this was one of the most chillest birthdays i have ever had and im so glad i got to spend it with him <3 
28, lets see what ya got in store!

recap of the new year: 
spent it at my gramas
everyone met B and LOVED him (i cannot tell you how many times someone pulled me over just to tell me that theyre so happy seeing me be so happy. amazing feeling!) 
rang in the new year with my love // finally got my first ever new years kiss (ya. i know, only took 28 years) 
got to wake up to him and chonch and chester all bundled up in my bed. only to see my mom walk by probably a bit hungover. he loved it!
we went to mcd's cause i wanted pancakes. 1 order cost him $15!!!! and all i ordered was 3 pancakes. turns out the chick heard me wrong (and even though i asked, she said each hotcake was $3.89 so i was thinking LITERALLY every hotcake was $3.89) and gave us 3 orders of 3 pancakes (9 in total) i had a pancake hangover for sure. 

so far 2016 had been good! no complaints here other than I WISH i could win the lotto. but in order for that to even happen i should first play. 
but seriously....everything is great!
hope your year is off to a great amazing start. 
i just finished my 1st book so i cant wait to post that! 

thanks for readin'.
love ya!,


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    1. thanks! (:
      it was soo relaxed and fun <3
      hope your year is off to a great start! :D

  2. How come my gift didn't make it on here? Literally not everything is bout B.. over you. #unfollowing. #unsistering. #UrAJerk!!!


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