Gus // Kim Holden

published 2015 // not sure how many pages. read as an ebook
isbn: 978-0-9911402-5-1
read from: 1/19-20/2016

hey guys! im guna make this quick because i feel like crap and all i wanna do is not be at work so im tryina skate on outta here. (update: i came home early. fell asleep at 5 and didn't wake up until about 1030 almost 11 so i feel a bit better but then again i was all sorts of drugged up)

Gus is the second (and hopefully last) book to Bright Side.
have you read it yet??? huh? 
anyways, im going to just jump on in because i don't feel like blabbering on (for once)

so by now (i mean not really) you know what happens in the first book and you've cried your eyes out and what not. (you're welcome. and im sorry.) 
this book, didn't necessarily need to happen (except that the way the first one ended, maybe it did) BUT i will say that it was nice to go back and revisit the characters and see how they all ended up  (so i guess i can see the need for a second book)

so, ready? 
hella *SPOILERS* 

Gus of course is in the shitter after Kate's death. he goes on a crazy, ruin your life, roller-coaster.
hes still doing the band but he's barely ever sober.  
enter Clare. she takes over Jim's job due to a family emergency and they end up screwing and messing around with drugs (heavy drugs. coke is heavy right? i cant even smoke weed cause i feel like ill die so you know, im not a super expert in that dept.) 

fast forward he's all up on Kate still, he goes home to go back on tour but this time with a PA. enter Scout or as he calls her, Impatient. 
she hates him cause he looks like a douche and he's always drunk. 
he ends up getting her a job with his mother because her partner is retiring. 
Scout ends up moving in with them and then, enter Paxton. 
he's her cousin who's basically her only real family. 
and hes a huge fan of Rook. 

long story short. 
they're both messed up in their own way and they end up together. 

as for everybody else!

Dunc and Shelby end up engaged. turns out she was abused as a child so that's why she was always on the mean angry looking side. but shes getting therapy and shes great. Dunc has an awesome government job and they live happily ever after (im assuming. they weren't married yet when i finished the book.) 

Keller is a few months away from graduating. everything is great with Stella and his parents ended up getting divorced. so his dad is around more often and he has yet to speak to his mother. 
and guess what!!!??
Audrey (gus' mom) and Keller's dad (forgot his name) end up engaged. hootie hoo!!!! (yea, i did) so now Keller and Gus are step-brothers. 
and Keller ends up getting a teaching job in San Diego (and his dad, a doctor gig in SD as well) so you know, they're all a big happy family. 


its nice to go back and see how everyone was doing. 
it was a super quick read. i read it in the span of 2 days. of course, being sick at home helped. 
it wasnt as sad as bright side but i did find myself tearing up a bit. 
its also very (not super very but still somewhat) sexually graphic. like i feel 50 shades of grey could have learned a bit from this. (haha) 

anyways, its nice to put these characters to rest. 
but its amazing to even think that Katie (yes i know she's fictional) was able to create all of this! to get all these people to be in each others lives. LOVE IT!!!!
if you read above you have the major spoilers but as always, there's a lot that i left out. sometimes, the little things that lead up to the big ones are even better!!!!

thanks for reading! 

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