The death of Ruth // Elizabeth Kata

published: 1981 // re-released 2015 // 1743 (ebook) pages
eisbn: 9781448215553
read: 1/25-26/2016

i am just knocking books out the park this month!
woot woot! (i should also state that this is another NetGalley read. i don't think its required but hey, lets be safe.) 

doesn't that cover just say READ ME!!!!
that's what it said to me so i did and....what the hell. 
i cant find an amazon description for ya so you're guna have to settle with mine. 


Ruth is this bitch of a mother who beats on her kids and well, shes dead. 
i didn't spoil that for you because its says so right at the beginning. ..and its the tittle of the book. 
Molly is her neighbor who is tired of hearing the abuse so she goes over to once and for all confront her. when she sees Ruth, shes facing the sink so when she finally turns around, she think shes about to choke her out and as self defense, pushes her. 
she falls, boom, she's dead. 

or so she thiiiiinks!....

she's dead. 

so then her husband (Ruth's)  comes home and finds out what happened (this is where i am currently having an AHA! moment. i realize what just did as a matter of fact happened.) and sees whats going on and his instinct is finish what Molly has started (i didn't tell you cause I'm not that mean!) 

so basically, for 4 years, Molly drives herself crazy. shes super paranoid with getting caught with what happened. she lets herself go, she lets her marriage go, she decides to tend to the garden and only she can. her husband John used to be in charge of that but hes no longer allowed. and she goes nuts. she goes insane. 

finally she decides ef this shiz I'm going to tell the truth, I'm going to clear an innocent mans name and the day before she decides to be honest, she gets caught. 
she hauled off to jail but because shes basically insane shes in the hospital. 
she goes to court finally and BOOM! plot twist. 

wanna know? 

turns out that Ruth's husband, Ralph, had mixed her stomach pills with potassium cyanide and killed her but poor Molly was in the wrong place at the wrong time, so her life went to shits while Ralph got to walk free.

did you read that!!!??
i was like whattt!!!? 
i finished it last night but i was like ? and then it just hit me right now. (kinda slow on that one but i got it. 

i liked this book. i like it for the plot twist that it gave you at the end. legit the very, very, very end. i cant recall the last time i read a book that gave it all to you in the beginning to twist it under you at the end like this one did. 
very good Job E. Kata.  
VERY good job. 

with that being said, i HATED reading all of their drama. sometimes i felt like telling Molly to shut the f*ck up (sorry for my outburst) 
you know shes going crazy but daaaamn! and John, her husband, ahhhh!!! like i felt bad for him because he had to care for her and he resented her but sometimes i wanted him to act like a man. grow a pair. 
and Grey (no, not Christian) !!!!!!!!!!!!! poor dude. hes going to be haunted by this one. 
who is Grey you ask, haha! i never completely spoil it! as always, there's a lot i left out. 

overall, i do recommend this quick read. 
pick it up and let me know. 

lets discuss. 

thanks for reading. 


  1. This is one of the most exciting and real book reviews I have ever read haha

    1. thank you so much!
      you have no idea how much that means to me!!! (:
      <3 <3 <3


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