Resolutions 2014 ♥

20 somethin' days in to the new year and haaaay! here they are!
(better somewhat late then never!) 
I've noticed (this new year specifically) since ive gotten more involved in blogging that A LOT of bloggers listed their resolutions for the new year.
i wasn't looking in to listing mine because for the most part, i wasn't sure i had many to list but after thinking about it, it seems that i do! yippee!
i don't know how to use photo shop all that well to create a nice little list and so on so i just used the ABM app to create em myself! 
(maybe i should make that a resolution!)
take a read and see what I'm all about 2014!
everyone does this!...or at least tries!
2012, sometime before sept or aug, my coworker decided to do weight watchers and seeing as she was the one that fed me, i went along with it. 
im amazed that it actually worked. just by eating healthier (and not even that but just watching what i ate), it actually helped me lose weight!
during that period i thought myself to looove drinking water (i used to hate it!) but of course i gave it up after a bit and the weight that i lost i have now gained back :(
last year, because i cant resist a sale and Vanilla Coke is my favorite, i bought myself a 12 pk (i think in Nov.) and i told myself that once that last soda was done, so was i!
well my mom gave away like 7 cans so i was left with 5 that somehow turned to only having 2 left. 
2014 rolled in and i still had those 2 left but something in me made me feel guilty about drinking them even though i said those were my last for a good while!
Mr. came over one day, saw them, went crazy and put em in the freezer to cool em. 
he made lunch, he took his out and i told him to get the other one out so i could finish my last soda. 
well he fought me on it (he's highly addicted I'm telling you!) and didn't get it for me so i took THEE smallest sip of his soda and something in me said NO!
i didn't like it! i don't know its weird to explain!
i know its only 22 days in to the new year but i am not craving soda. ive been very strong about saying no every time someone offers me some. 
ill always prefer raspberry tea over soda. 
i know its probably still the same crap but as long as i get away from soda its all good! 
so, so far so good with this one. and its a testament as to how much im liking water now. 
we went to ihop last week and i ALWAYS get orange juice. well i did this time but i also got water and i finished 2 cups of water and had to force myself to finish the orange juice because i just wasn't feeling it!
water for the win!!!
this one is a simple one!
i started doing snapshot Sunday because i started blogging in Aug and i wanted to participate in a 365 even though i was super late. that's why i was doing 10 pictures instead of the 7 (1 per day) every Sunday. 
this year i want to do this!!! a lot of people tend to always hate it at the end of the year but i think so far I'm gong to end up loving it. (i think its maybe because they upload a picture a day?) 
now i don't know the "proper way" to do a 365 but i think it depends on the person. 
this is a perfect example of how it could be done!!! i guess people tend to use one thing and stick to it. 
even though i have had since august to think of the one thing i wanted to show through out as the main subject, i couldn't think of anything and i didn't want to commit to that one thing which is why i always post random things. and quiet frankly i love it that way!
since I'm so used to doing Snapshot Sunday, i don't think i will have trouble doing this!
now, if you have ever been on Pinterest (and lets face it...WE ALL HAVE!!!) then you have seen this picture! it doesn't seem like much buuuut when you're doing 2 weeks at once it will eventually catch up. 
(i get paid every two weeks so i do two every paycheck!)
I've been working since i was 16 (read: 10 years now!) and i have nothing to show for it!
how stupid is that!!!!! 10 wasted years!!!!! ugh!!!specially since when i was younger i had no bills!!!
i used to be soooo good at saving! once i hit $1,000 in my savings, there was no way i was touching it! but you know, life happens and you gotta pay stuff and blegh!
so this year I'm doing this challenge! no ifs, ands or buts!
imagine having an extra $1,378 at the end of the year!? 
wouldn't that be sweet!? that means I'm traveling somewhere next year! (new york maybe? Finally!?) 
so far i have kept it up and i have $10 woohoo! i think ill be fine for now but once i start hitting the 30's/40's im going to have to start using the automatic $25 that goes in to my savings as part of it. 
the perks of being a responsible adult!
le sigh!
something simple!
i don't want to say that i am going to work out every day for 234 hrs and live at the gym 24/7 because lets face it I'm a lazy human!!!!(baby steps!!!) and i don't have $90345289034 to spend for a gym membership! id rather go to Disneyland! (priorities not straight you say? all's I'm going to say is CARDIO! haha just keeeding!) 
but still, i decided that this year, i want to hike every Sunday. so far i have kept my word with the exception of last Sunday because a) my stupid wisdom tooth was killing me and i couldn't even move without screaming! & "but Leslie, it doesn't hurt that much what are you talking about!?!" well b) if that wasn't enough it was also that time of the month and cramps and all that happy sadness!
so this year HIKING EVERY SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! (its only 52 give or take!) 
as you may have read in my last post (the very first Sunday hike post!) i sprained my ankle. like holy crap!
it is now day 3 since it happened and i can actually walk on it so i should be good!
my mom massaged it for me last night and it felt better so I'm thinking of going to the actual professional massaging place so they can do a legit job!
hopefully that will help and this Sunday i can go to Eaton Canyon with Gladys! (who also has a messed up ankle but shes being thug life about it!)
"Les, its just a sprained ankle! if Kobe can play with his hand hanging off you have no excuse!" 
yea well, i don't have insurance (obamacare sucks butt!) and I'm not getting paid a trigabagillion dollars to damage myself now and live comfortably later on in life!
this one can mean several things! 
as i have said before, i started this blog 2 years ago and never kept up with it until August of last year. 
I'm an avid reader and Ive read sooo much that i tend to go full circle and forget what i read or what its about! (ooh you nonsense, you!) so the main purpose of this blog is to track what i read. 
there are times when i read like crazy and finish a book in a day!!!! a day! or when i take my sweet time (currently reading Innocence by Dean Koontz) and you know, it takes me a while to post about it here. 
along the way i have posted many of other things and i like that. this is my little corner of the interwebs world that i get to call mine. kind of like a live journal that gets to be read by others that want to do me the wonderful favor of reading it!
but also, i want to be able to branch out to other bloggers. 
so far, elsie & emma and even trey from A Beautiful Mess have replied to comments as well as jen from jenloveskev! but i have had a lot of good luck with Anne from Anne the Adventurer! she's really responsive to me when i comment her on things. i love that gal!
Joleen has been another one too! she's the one that gave me my first ever guest blog post spot! (say that fast 5  times!) and she always respond to me on IG. 
i know this blog world has been around for a while but i want to become more a part of it!
there's all sorts of events and craft shops going on that i just found out about that i want to be a part of!
so i guess for #5, i just want this blog to grow more and make blog friends all over the world!
i love the positive vibe that people put out in positive comments and how happy they truly geniunely seem when talking between each other. i want to be a part of that. 
so for 2014, i want to grow this little blog of mine and just spread cheer everywhere! (: ♥

if you posted your goals/resolutions, leave me a link! 
or link others you think i should read that i can learn from!

thanks sooo much for reading this lengthy post!
have a fantabulous Thursday!!! (:

this post was previously published but i stupidly deleted a file that contained a lot of my old pictures hence why some of you might be like...what?? im working on these one post at a time. 
thank you for your patience! 

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