this & that 2014!

Very 1st this & that of 2014!!!!
Now i know i never really explained much behind this & that but basically i just find useful diy's or other random/sweet/funny/crazy stories and i jot em down here so that one day i can come back and look em up for ideas!

Also, i want to share em with you, the few people that read my blog so so you can have these awesome ideas too!

So take a peak i have a few from 2013 roaming around the this & that section!
Let me know if you do any of the diy's posted! (:


1} making votive candles for peoples birthdays!
2} the proper way to do a 365 project.
#311 cracked me up! #290 is all me if i could!
#253 lucky babes! I miss that place.
3} i don't think a post has ever had me this giddy!!!
4} a babe with a babe....what a cutie! Love this look!
5} this home! yes please! and that little book nook!!! ahh i want!
6} I'm glad to have found this blog again! i had lost it for a bit!
7} i love the honesty in this post (towards the end!).
i will admit i did think she was skinny but i never went beyond that. 
other people's weight is their problem!
i have enough to worry about with about my own. ...and sometimes, you just never know!
8} eeek! Love this cute little diy
9. someone pleeeease buy me this sweater/shirt thing!!!
meee-ooow! =^.^=
10. i love anne!!
i love her 10 goals for january!
so basic yet, we could all benefit from them!

other things to be happy/laugh about:

1. My brother is a joke in many a ways!

2. i finally got my sewing machine! :D
time to start a-sewing!

3. FRICK!!!!!! :( i just got news that i have to move to the front at work! :( 
sausage biscuits! (i curse like a sailor! this is me trying not too!) 
UPDATE: im over it! -.-

4. last year! (hehe!) well the 31st, as i was driving home from work!, i saw on of those big ol' square vans (i forget what they're called!) driving to the market. 
you know how on xmas, people with teeeeny tiny cars usually end up hauling the big trees? well this huge van, had those little 99c trees that are for idk office or small areas tied to the top of the hood. 
but i mean like super tied to the top!
i found this sooooo highlarious!!!!
i was sad that i couldnt grab a picture but oh man!
i was laughing really hard for a real good minute!!!

5. hhhhmm....its the first monday of 2014! :D

i think 10 should suffice!
ill stick to anywhere from 5-10. and im going to try and make this & that an every (insert day of the week here) post!
lets do this!

thanks for reading!
hugs & kisses,

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