Snapshot Sunday

someone was very excited to pose next to the lit up xmas palms!
at the dentist!
i LOVE these old nave shoes!
sweets at work!
if you know me by now, you know i LOVE pumpkins!
i just about died at how cute this one was up in the hollywood hills!

i made a quick bday banner for a coworker this week!
my white elephant xmas gift at work!
stupid cute gift wrapping paper tricked me! >:0
i plan on just touching up the laundry room next year (hehe!) since we now have one of those efficient ones that require only H-E detergent....i decided we needed a jar to display our soap. 
i got the idea from Elsie over at ABM.
found these in my aunts car!
oh lunch tickets!
a little rainbow up in the hollywood hills
oh boy!
so, this is the story. 
chonch went outside to go pee. she always barks but is the biggest chicken shit in the world. you have to be inside the house for her to get to you. so anyways this day she went outside to go pee in our lawn. a neighbor a few houses down was walking by and i guess she started growling from a far and she went to go sniff him. when she went the dude overreacted and hit her in the head with a newspaper and then she bit him. 
and by bite i mean like nibbled him. the guy had nothing. 
the guy which was an older man was okay with it but as soon as his son found out, he made a big deal talking all his shit. 
so we offered to take him to the clinic and pay for treatment. the old man wanted to go but his son refused to let him go. so they called seeaca and now chonch is on house arrest (Thank god she was vaccinated and everything!) until Christmas. 
for the record i went over to the dudes house and told him firm and clear that we had offered all sorts of assistance. 
i also told him that because he denied all of our services that i was going to make a police report stating all of that because i was not going to allow him to come back to me later with a $58578979823748 hospital bill. 
i told him straight up that im a broke bitch so yea. 
so its on record that i a) called 911 and spoke to someone b) we called the clinic & c) all the seaaca paperwork clearly stating that a)he hit her and b) he refused all services. 

dont fuck with peoples animals man. 

thanks for reading and dont mess with peoples pets!

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