Last Snapshot Sunday of 2013!!!

the last snapshot Sunday of 2013!!! :')
(and here's the very first!...oh man I'm cracking up!)
the reason behind the snapshot Sunday series was based on the 365 project. (first heard of it here!)  basically you take a picture every day for an entire year and you reflect on it when the year is over. 
since i didn't keep up with blogging since i started in 2012 (bummer....all the books missed!) i decided to start this up when i did pick blogging back up this year. 
since Ive started in august I've posted about 190 pictures (give 2 or 5) that's not bad! although, i did do 10 pictures every post. 
my goal for 2014 is to post only 7 (10 if there's more as a bonus!), you know one for each day. 
i think that's going to be a little bit harder than this since these were taken sometimes 2 a day or more. 
any who, its Sunday, I'm at work and i keep thinking its some day in the middle of the week until i realize that its not and I'm like ooh no! snapshot Sunday is TODAY!!!

here are the last 10 pictures of 2013!!! :(
lily asher earrings!
gah! she had a flash sale on her instagram and i caved. 
i loved them! they're awesome earrings!
my new years resolution for 2012 will carry on in to 2014 with these babies!
my mom's Christmas gift to me (my sis and tessie got the same thing! ....she said it was so we wouldn't fight! lol...oh & she got my grama one too!). 
she got us a VERY warm blanket!
i just looooove how she wrapped it!
chonchies with her new collar. 
your now in the system son!
no more doing hoodrat shiz. 
...what am i talking about? 
i LOVE soup. 
some people can live with pizza, pasta, whatever. 
i can strictly live off of soup. 
what kind? mostly any kind!
pho, tofu, wonton. any kind!
im barely starting to recover my love for top ramen. 
my coworker traumatized me with that one and after years of being a faithful ramen girl, she scarred me. 
i LOVE hippos!!!!
i've had the pink one from ikea for years!!!
yesterday when i went to target to raid their leftover xmas stuff (yea i know! late!) and i found the green one. 
you have no idea how excited i was to have found pinky a partner to ride with in my car!
yes, i know! i am aware i need a life
{a} target does NOT mess around 
2013 ain't over and here's the 2014 v-day line. 
but i guess that's business!
{b} I've never been more sad in my life that i don't drink coffee!!!
i mean how cute it this cup!!!!!
i want!
this is proof of my multiple pictures a day theory!
i took this before i went to target. 
a bum must have left that on the freeway exit. 
its the smallest things that make me (& other people happy!)
i took this a while ago but i forgot to post. 
talk about being a HARDCORE Apple fan!!!!
my friend Franks was like "you don't see any droid fans doing that tho!!" (he's team apple)
i was like "no. droid fans are not that stupid!" 
(although lets face it....we're out there!)
my sister sent me this!
in the 34582 years that we've had Chester, i have NEVER seen him sit like this. 
apparently he does it all the time and this day he was doing it because he was staring at Chonch model by the window or something. 
dogs are something else!
i leave you with the cutest picture EVER!! (of lil' chris not big chris!)
he is the CUTEST THING EVER!!!
every time i see him i steal him from whoever has him!
this was both of them this christmas at my gramas!
theyre matching twins!!!!!
ahh! i just about died. 
jokingly i told my cousin he should've had a kid sooner because his fashion game has stepped up!
no more jeans and vans.
he's a dad!
when i got to my grama's i asked him "where's wendy?" and he stated that she was at her family's and that he was going to head over there in a bit to which i replied "she let you bring the baby by yourself!?"
"well, he's my kid too!" he replies. 
lol i didnt mean it in a bad way!
i was just thinking like if i were the mom id be attached to the kid 24/7/365.

well my frens! this is the last snapshot sunday for 2013.
it has been an amazing year!!!
and if i keep taking pictures the way i currently am im going to have to bite the bullet sooner and gets me a good camera!!!

2014 be kind to me woman!
lets do this!!!!

thank you for reading and taking the time to read my lovely lil' blog! <3

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