My new year’s resolution last year was to a) wear earrings every day and 2) read a new book every month and blog about it.

I wore the earrings.           
I started the blog.
I read books.
The end.

While I did start blogging some books, I wasn’t really in to the idea of publishing or writing anything about it.
I'm not sure.

So let’s give this another go!

Except different.
I guess this will be different things.
Mostly books.
Some DIY.
Arts and craft and a bunch of random stuff.

I get that I’m somewhat of an oddball from my family and that I should start a blog so here it goes......ahhh!!!!!!!

Ill also post stuff my family says.
Mainly my sister and brother.
Both of them.

Here we go!

My name is Leslie.
Let’s start this little blogging adventure together!

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